10 oblique abbreviations that are guaranteed to use only (expectant) parents

Anyone who is on various forums for child planning on the go, quickly stumbles over the one or the other shortcut, which not only sounds strange, but is really understood only by (expectant) parents. We translate …

Most of us will have been to one of the many mommy forums – be it because of contraception or because even the parents happiness haunts. The diehard users seem to be talking in a kind of secret language. Do not despair: we clarify.

1. “My last SS is now a year ago.”

I beg your pardon? Do not worry, there are no rights here – this is simply the abbreviation for the word pregnancy .

2. “I had GV during the ES .”

The abbreviation GV is probably still known to most as sexual intercourse . ES then suitably means: ovulation .

3. “I was at the , my MuMu is very deep.”

No, that does not mean the child’s word for the vagina , but the cervix . Of course, this has been examined by the gynecologist .

4. “I am looking for a good KiWa .”

This user has not typed such search and looking for a kindergarten or a daycare – she is looking for a stroller .

5. “I started with the Rübi now.”

Granted, the word recovery course is only familiar to people who are more often involved with parents. According to Wikipedia, “the regression of the abdominal wall, uterus, pelvic floor muscles, vaginal canal, vagina and hormone balance after pregnancy or childbirth.”

6. “I am in SSW19 + 3.

Expectant mothers would like to use secret codes to communicate with each other. What is meant is, at what stage of the SS they are at the moment: week and day.

7. “We plan for my husband to cut through the NS itself.”

Can not you just say umbilical cord ?

8. “When are you going to MuSu ?”

Who thinks this is the funny dragon from Disney’s “Mulan”, is wrong. Common is maternity protection .

9. “The KiWu has been here for some time, so we practice diligently every month.”

Why the word sex needs to be described with practice hardly becomes apparent. Of course you only do it when you want to have children .

10. “Where is your KiA ?”

But I have no Kia? No, that means pediatrician “.

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