10 signs that you are happy – even if you do not think so

Happy people constantly shining the sun from the butt? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Unlike dissatisfaction, happiness is often quiet. 10 things where you recognize happy people.

Waking up with bloated stomach and fat legs, in the office only half of what we set out to do, stress with the partner – everyone has a bad day. But that has nothing to do with whether we are generally happy with our lives. Satisfaction manifests itself in the way we react .

And since the things we do and we leave are usually so intuitive and self-evident to us that we do not even think about it, we often do not even notice how happy and balanced we actually are.

Examples like? No problem! These ten subtle signs are a sign that you’re pretty happy right now.

10 signs that you are happy

1. You are not talking out.

The mail inadvertently sent to the wrong Meyer? Full pipe sweaty the parents evening? When parking the car damaged by neighbors? Well, mistakes happen. But then stay with excuses and justifications? Not your thing. In the time that others may spend with explanations, you’ve made up for the faux pas long ago. And learned from it.

2. You are always happy about little things in your everyday life.

Every time nice to come home in the evening? In the fall, you often catch yourself at the thought “finally time for scented candles and scarves,” even though you’re actually an absolute summer child? You love that feeling when the first coffee starts your day in the morning? Congratulations! Then you have obviously hit pretty well. Anyway, dissatisfied people find much less, which makes them happy in everyday life.

3. You usually keep your peace.

Traffic jam, train failure, girlfriend too late – maybe a bit annoying, but no reason to be stressed and nervous. Are you getting yourself a cup of coffee or are you adding something to your Facebook feed? Hui, what a cute dog video …!

4. Tormenting boredom? Do not you know!

Of course, go out in the evening and at the weekend times a short trip to the sea or in the mountains is great. But it does not have to be permanent. You can also enjoy empty time wonderfully. Wake up in the morning and have nothing to do with it? Absolutely no problem for you. In a way, sometimes you’re just yourself enough. In addition, you often have the best ideas for boredom.

5. You can forgive well.

Even if you wanted to: you can not bear up on their missteps for a long time! As you know, there are usually no evil intentions behind it. Sometimes you just do not think about everything or are in such distress yourself that you accidentally step on your fellow man’s feet. It’s not cool if you do something, but you do not have to worry about it for a long time.

6. You take others at word.

“What did he mean by that? Should that be an allusion?” You know that others often think like that, but you do not even know that about yourself. Why should you have a great deal of riddling, interpreting foreign statements and looking for problems where there are probably none? If something is unclear to you, you ask, it’s much easier and more effective than breaking your head.

7. Problems are more to-dos for you.

But life never really goes according to plan. Well, what’s up ?! Are you just repeating your plan? You see problems as stumbling blocks that you encounter but that you can usually clear out of the way. Stop before and pretend to be insurmountable boulders? Nope! Do not clear the way faster.

8. You do not compare your life with others.

To be honest, there are so many different ways of life and everyone has something sexy about them. But it just does not do you any good to look right and left all the time and look for something else that might make you happy. Why not? Most likely because what you have makes you pretty happy.

9. You stand by your responsibility.

If you are overwhelmed, you stand by and ask for help, but stealing from the affair is out of the question for you. Clearly responsibility has something frightening, after all, a possible failure is always predominantly on the account of the person in charge. But everyone knows that failure in life is part of it and that blaming does not improve a situation, but only to continue with new courage.

10. You do not care much about politics and news.

Granted, the world is not perfect. But it does not matter if you are upset about who others choose or what they shop and eat. You do your part to make the world a little bit better by living consciously and caring about your surroundings. But annoying you about things that you can not influence just unnecessarily spoils your spirits and consumes energy – so you can stay that way.

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