10 tips for a relaxed long-haul flight ✈️

The dream destination is booked, the anticipation big – now is only the long-haul flight before. With these 10 tips this is really relaxed.

It is tedious to have to sit for many hours at a stretch, in addition, close rows and neighbors make flying even more exhausting. You can not do much against your neighbor, but you can do some things in advance to make your flight more relaxed.

Before the long-haul flight

1. Book a suitable flight

Book a night flight: Depending on the destination, it may be worthwhile for you to book a night flight. So you use the time to sleep and arrive rested at your destination.

Choose a direct flight: On a flight with a stopover you have the opportunity to represent your legs in between. Depending on the time this can be several hours, but possibly only one hour. Therefore, you should consider whether a direct flight would not be a better choice. A nonstop flight saves you a lot of time and stress. You save the change and in case of delays of your first flight, it can be tight in time, if you still have to get a connecting flight.

Consider service: food is not included? Not a good idea … Taking a few snacks with you is a good idea, but if you’re in the air for several hours, you’ll naturally get hungry sooner or later. And then such a meal in the plane can be really expensive (and who knows how it tastes ?!). So compare the terms and services of the airlines before you book.

2. Use Online Check-In

Many airlines offer an online check-in, which is sometimes possible 72 hours before departure. So you save time again here and you are already looking for your seat – the choice two hours before the flight is usually rather poor …

Aisle or window? A matter of taste. The window seat may have spectacular views, but here you always have to ask your neighbors to get up if you want to get out. Of course, this also happens when you sit in the corridor and someone else wants out – but then you can get up at any time, without disturbing a seat neighbor.

When choosing a seat you should consider other factors: In the last rows, the backrests often can not be adjusted (or only minimally). Again, other places score with more legroom! What is it for you?

3. Pack your hand luggage correctly

Hand luggage is allowed on board and you should use it. But for a long time: Liquids are only allowed to a limited extent. Namely, 100 ml jars in a transparent and lockable 1 liter bag.

In addition to this regulation, the following items are a real blessing on a long-haul flight :

  • Sleep mask
  • ear plug
  • neck pillow
  • Snacks (see also next point)

Put the most important things in your carry-on luggage and pack everything so that it is within reach . Important documents, such as the passport, so do not squeeze down somewhere between the guide and an open pack of peanuts, but stuck in front of the extra pocket.

4. Light food

Greasy and too much food before the flight can be hard to stomach, especially during long periods of sitting – you should not do that to yourself. Eat something light and get some snacks for the long haul flight . This makes small hunger feelings in between. Note the hand baggage regulations (liquid or semi-liquid you should avoid) and also other regulations, because everything is not always allowed on board.

5. Choose clothes correctly

Even if your target is in the sun, in the airplane before it will be much cooler. The onion look has proven itself in such situations – is it too warm, do you pull z. For example, if your cardigan turns out to be too cold, put it back on. A cloth or a large scarf protects you from air and draft in the plane. And the number one rule in clothing: put on clothes where you feel comfortable and do not constrict but sit loosely .

During the long-haul flight

6. Drink Viiiel

During the flight you should drink a lot, because the air is very dry in the plane. However, alcohol is not the right choice, prefer to reach for water. Instead of buying an expensive water bottle after the security check, you can also take an empty (!) Refillable bottle with you and fill it up after the check. Often there are water dispensers at airports.

7. Cream the skin

The dry air also sets your skin, so it is not wrong to have a moisturizer (in a 100 ml jar …) in your hand luggage.

8. Move – even in confined spaces

Yes, space is limited – but there are some, you just have to use it! Walk up and down the plane, to the toilet and back, do a few stretching exercises in the hallway if it does not bother anyone around. And: movement as well as compression stockings can prevent thrombosis .

9. Create your own entertainment

The flight is long, so prepare yourself well. For example, bring your own consumer electronics, such as a tablet. Download episodes of your favorite show, download podcasts to your smartphone or read a book (or an ebook). Your flight will be long but not boring. You travel with others? Even better! Play cards, other board games – or have a chat. The smartphone is often enough in your hand.

10. Use time for planning

Use the travel time on the long-haul flight and plan your trip. With a guide you get z. For example, a good overview of the most important spots. What do you want to see, how do you get there, what can be combined well? You will not be bored.

Summary packing list

With this carry-on packing list, you have the most important things for your long-haul flight:

  • Travel documents
  • Sleep mask
  • ear plug
  • neck pillow
  • compression stockings
  • moisturizer
  • snacks
  • Devices (smartphone, tablet, eBook reader, …)
  • charge cable
  • Possibly. spare battery
  • water bottle
  • travel Guide

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