10 types of men you should take IMMEDIATELY away from

You’re just meeting with THIS guy? Then you probably already noticed: The guy just does not work!

Britta Avalon Kagels is the author of “Stay Away From These Guys – 33 Men Who Can Give Up Women” (9.99, Euro, Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf ). We introduce you to ten guys from it.

The psycho can have many sides: it can be extremely jealous, controlling, psychotic, dominant or aggressive. The treacherous: Often you notice that only after a while. On the first date he can still hide the psycho in itself …

The Blender does everything to impress a woman, even if he has to completely pretend and lie about what it lasts. The end of the song: One is later deeply disappointed when one discovers his true self.

To lead a serious relationship with a Peter Pan guy? Phew, difficult. Because he just does not want to grow up, eludes all responsibility and likes to live in the day. Just exhausting!

He does not really know feminism, but he hates everyone who works for it – especially Alice Schwarzer. Feminist utterances he often answers with level sexism á la “The only needs to be properly fucked again.”

And he is gone! The ghosting guy just breaks contact without giving an explanation. No more call, no SMS – you never hear of this guy again and you stay heartbroken.

A yes-Sager always wants to make a woman right. Sounds not so bad at first – but can get pretty boring in the long run. After all, you never find out his real opinion …

A romantic evening for two? That’s not for the party lion. He wants to drink, party, dance – until the early hours of the morning. The next day, too, there is little time left for the relationship – after all, he has to get out of it …

The polyamorous type is not enough for a woman – he goes to bed with several or even has a relationship with them. His motto: why choose one, when there are so many great women?

Well, were you also good? Otherwise spanked you “Mr. Gray” namely the butt! His SM-playmates looking for this type of man mostly on the Internet. There he pretends to be a suit-wearing guy who loves good wine, has a lot of money and practices BDSM. In fact, he probably sits in Adiletten on the couch rather than in Armani’s wine bar …

He is almost addicted to sex on screen – and even if he has a wife at home, he gets upset at his movies. Clearly in the category: Not with me, my friend!

There are attentive, polite and charming men who read every wish from their lips. And then there are the NO-GO men who just make our lives hell out of us.

Those who overlook their behavior at the first meeting may even end up in a relationship with them. There is only one thing to say: It is never too late – take legs in your hands and run …!

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