10 types of women with whom men can not do much 😳

You recognize yourself in a THAT type of woman? Oops! Then you have to be brave now.

Boris Ziefle is the author of “Stay away from these women – 33 women types that men can do without” (9.99 euros, Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf ). We introduce you to ten of them.

Actually, the “own opinion is overrated” type gives men only what they want: affirmation. But that’s exactly what makes many gentlemen feel insecure. Because they are not very stupid: they know that not everything that they say is the yellow of the egg. So ladies: quiet times give contraindications and edge. If he is offended then you can comfort him again.

To be honest: The Federal Canceller takes on every appointment before: “This time I go!” But at the last moment something happens, so she says. Until he loses his confidence. That’s why the Federal Cancellerin should ask herself: Do I really want to get to know him or not? And then it says: full throttle or plain text!

Granted: Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale and Co. are already real hotties. But anyone who keeps teasing the not-so-hottie by their side will only unsettle him. Why can not the Ryan Gosling Fan Girl still leave it? Does she think she can turn the man next to you into Ryan Gosling? If she really wants to, she should ask herself if he is REALLY the right one.

The guy “Desperate Housewife Susan” always means well and believes in love from the bottom of his heart. BUT: Representatives of this kind, unfortunately, also have an innate talent, in the foot. And that can annoy guys ever, if they tend to superficiality or not just deep relaxation. On the other hand, who can not act a Susan, it is your own fault. Because she can give a lot!

Do not be fooled: The “Sodele Jetzetle” woman is a hero! She stands by her origin and chatters unrestrained dialect. Only men find that sometimes not so sexy – Banausen! On the other hand, it does not hurt to have standard German in the repertoire for all cases. Several languages ​​rock the “Sodele” woman with links. Well. Continue in the text jetzetle!

The pseudo feminist has somehow gotten out of hand: she barricaded herself in a prison of principles and unfortunately most men themselves are too confused to get her out of there again. And the rest is too scared. But luckily there are still sisters! Grlpwr forever!

A feature of the drama queen: She takes everything on herself (yes, I’m also tempted to “Do not call me!”). Besides, she always wants to win, even if she is wrong (fully legitimate). Unfortunately, the drama queen is too exhausting for men. Some people do not like to think before they speak, others do not even think about what they say. I’ll do it … um … the drama queen keeps drawing her attention. And that probably hurts them? ♀️

The Mario Barth-Guide is very rare and therefore extremely valuable. She likes Mario Barth and even finds him funny, but transfers his jokes to real life – without taking the irony. Means: For them, men are lazy and pigs. And that does not go down well with men for unexplainable reasons. Except maybe with guys like Mario Barth ?!

The campaigner wants to constantly convince everyone and always rides around on their successes. Men consider this self-love and see no place for themselves in the heart of the campaigner. In fact, the campaigner is often insecure and needs someone who gives her respect and appreciation. Then she will eventually let the election campaign.

Do you know the “Song 2” by Blur? After that, the Woohoo Girl is named – Woohoo! You can tell it from the fact that it wants to party all the time and dance at the latest at this blur song on the table. But just like the song, this woman type has something sad. After all, the whole party is supposed to hide something: that everything does not go so smoothly in life. The Woohoo girl needs either a therapist or a very sensitive guy – and the sensitive are known to be in short supply.

Do you sometimes wonder why it does not work out with the men? We have an idea: Maybe you are part of a special woman beat that certain men can not handle so well. Anyway, according to author Boris Ziefle.

Own problems? No thanks!

But it is not your fault, because men do not make it easy for us either: If we are too rash, man feels overcast, we are too nice, he becomes suspicious. And when it comes out that we have problems of our own, some guys are all down.

But we’re self-critical and confident enough to admit: sometimes we really ask for a lot from Mr. Right. And sometimes we think a lot too. But if he is the right one, we will certainly find a way to approach each other. It can be exhausting, but in the end it’s worth it.

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