10 women reveal what they realize that they are pregnant 😊

First Signs of Pregnancy: Ten women reveal what they realize they are pregnant with – and so much is familiar to us!

Baby on board? The women have betrayed in the revelation app ” Whisper ” what they have noticed, that they are expecting soon offspring.

1. Cuddly dog

“I totally wondered why my dog ​​was constantly licking my stomach, and he always wanted to sleep snuggled up on my stomach, usually lying on my feet at night, and it turned out he knew I was pregnant long before I did was. “

2. Affectionate dog

“I also found out that I was pregnant when my dog ​​kept following me like a shadow (and I was really tired).”

3. Painful breasts

“I knew I was pregnant because my breasts hurt so much, it hurt so bad I did not even want to wear T-shirts anymore.”

4. Strange dreams

“I had some weird dreams and hot flashes.”

5. Constantly tired

“I was always tired and had sore breasts.”

6. Completely exhausted

“I was always tired too, completely exhausted, I could have just fallen into bed and slept in. Coffee did not help at all.”

7. Hungry!

“Insane hunger !!”

8. Violent mood swings

“I had a lot of mood swings, was constantly depressed about simple things, I just started taking new medicines, and I thought it was because – until I could not get my days off, everything was clear.”

9. Sensitive nose

“My dad grilled sausages and when the smell hit my nose I had to vomit and had a pregnancy test the same day – he was positive!”

10. Nausea

“My very first pregnancy symptom was that I got sick of brushing my teeth, I had no idea what was going on, then I got cramps, had to go to the bathroom all the time, and finally I did a test: Positive.”

Swollen hands , tiredness, morning sickness , cravings or bad sleep? There are many signs that can tell you if you have a child under your heart. Which signs of pregnancy are still there and how reliable they are, you read here: Pregnancy sign: Am I pregnant?

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