100 Euro penalty! Policeman misses breastfeeding mother in the ca

She was just looking for a place to rest her baby. But this mother collected an expensive criminal ticket.

She just wanted to quench her crying baby – now her mother Guillermina Rodriguez is fighting for a $ 115 fine. That’s about 100 euros. She was driving in New York with her three-week-old baby in the car when the baby started crying. But the traffic jammed forever and she found no legal way to stop.

I almost cried because she cried so much and all I wanted to do was stop to look after her, ” the mother tells ABC New York .

Finally, the desperate Mother Mother headed for a loading zone to feed the little one.

Although she was aware that she should not have parked where she stood, but since in her view her car did not interfere with the traffic, she decided to risk it and climbed into the back of her car to watch over her baby breastfeeding.

Two minutes later, policemen suddenly appeared in front of their car and began preparing for the car’s towing -without checking to see if anyone was in it, according to the mother.

So I quickly jumped out of my breastfeeding position into the car so they could see someone sitting in the car. My breasts were both exposed, because on one side I had breastfed the baby, on the other milk pumped.

She shouted, ” I’m resting my baby here! ” When one of the police officers finally noticed her, all he said was, ” Oh, okay!Then he clamped the ticket to her car’s windshield.

In the aftermath, the police now claim that the police officer had already completed the punishment ticket before seeing the breastfeeding woman and that he was not allowed to withdraw the ticket.

Guillermina Rodriguez still wants to defend herself against the punishment ticket. She also wants police officers to be better prepared to deal with breastfeeding women in the future. She finds:

Breastfeeding should be urgent enough to make an exception to such a penalty.

In addition, the mother says, “the cops could have been a little bit more sensitive, and I think it would be helpful if they had some idea in this area.”

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