100 little things that make us happy

Today the frustration is on vacation. Instead, we look forward to the many, many things that make life so beautiful.

1. Dig with your hands in the dirt

Gardening can make you so happy.

2. Listen to songs of old children’s series

For example, from the Fraggles of the 1980s: “Sing and swing your leg, let worries be worried.”

3. Cook with fresh ingredients

Tastes much better.

4. Petting dogs

Makes you happy immediately. Or …

5. Cuddle cats

… for this faction of animal lovers.

6. Singing

Dissolves frustration very quickly in the air.

7. Be inspired by quotes

Sometimes help better than a therapist. Many quotations also exist in us .

8. Drink prosecco with friends

A classic that works again and again.

9. Do things with passion

It is the passion that drives us. Therefore, we should never give up our dreams.

10. Make faces

One may also look stupid.

11. When children speak the first sentences

When babies suddenly hear words, that’s just cute.

12. When the apartment is (finally) tidied up

Rare sight that makes you all the happier.

13. When everyone is healthy

Especially rare in families with small children and old grandparents, so definitely worth mentioning.

14. Bake cake

Dough becomes a pleasure to share – how wonderful. Many cake recipes on BRIGITTE.de.

15. Sleep on

If you have to get up early on weekdays, sleeping in is a pleasure.

16th summer nights

The heat in the air is magical. In the winter warms the memory and the anticipation.

17. Take a taxi at night through Berlin

When it gets dark and the streets empty, our capital shows its true beauty.

18. Flirting

Is like the beginning of a relationship.

19. Jane Austen movies look

True love pain has to be off now and then.

20. Pilates and Yoga

The mix of strength training and mindfulness grounds and provides energy. There are exercises on BRIGITTE.de.

21. Look in the stars

One sparkles for us.

22. Sit in front of the tent with friends

Little money, great freedom.

23. (Honest) give praise

Who is good to others, gets back a lot.

24. Sharing responsibility

Sharing responsibility is lived trust .

26. Say no

Small borders bring great freedom.

27. Say yes

To the fear we flee. Overcoming them makes you grow.

28. Laugh

There is nothing that makes people more beautiful.

29. Smooching

You should kiss every day.

30. Have a four year old friend

Sometimes children speak pure wisdom.

31. Take a lunch walk with your favorite colleague

A mini-trip in the middle of the day.

32. Analyze together with a friend the SMS of the swarm

A high on the kitchen psychology!

33. In the evening, discover another piece of Parmesan in the fridge

And eat immediately without bread.

34. At the felt eight degrees on the cafe terrace defy the cold

And ideally look at a lake.

35. Choosing exactly the right clothes while jogging

Sometimes you just do everything right.

36. A themed party

Nothing is more fun than dressing up.

37. Read an interesting article in your favorite magazine and feel smarter

How about the BRIGITTE ?

38. Going to have a glass of wine with friends …

… and then someday laughing and drunk to fall into bed.

39. To compliment

We all need compliments – or not?

40. Remembering how you painted the future as a ten-year-old …

… and be happy today that things have changed.

41. Drink 150 Euro champagne and be happy that it really tastes as good as hoped

Then you did everything right.

42. Feel the whole body after exercising

Then it was just right.

43. Good sex

Sure, he has to be in the list. But we tactfully waited until 43rd place.

44. A jeans that really fits


45. Smell freshly mown grass

One of the most beautiful scents.

46. ​​A father who is happy to be visited again

He does not say it, but he radiates inwardly.

47. A dream to remember

And which one can analyze immediately.

48. A human who can read your mind

Because he is something special.

49. Beat everyone in the Monopoly

And build two hotels on the Schlossallee.

50. Get a package that also contains crackle foil

And already the small bubbles crack …

51. Finally fix something that was broken for a long time

The quality of life increases by a perceived 100 percent.

52. Find a Euro on the street

And feel rich.

53. Start something new

New things are always intoxicating.

55. Looking from the plane into the clouds

Above, the sun is always shining.

56. Watch the first snow fall

How romantic!

57. Light the fire

This triggers (primal) happiness.

58. The alarm clock that stays silent on the weekend

Just great.

59. Make travel plans

Is even more beautiful than actually traveling.

60. After the trip unlock the front door

The apartment looks familiar and yet again like new.

61. eat sweets

The lucky maker par excellence.

62. Look at the account balance and realize that you are not in the black

How fortunate.

63. A baby that happens to be in the subway

He likes one – certainly!

64. Listen to music with headphones

Then you can turn it on.

65th Fridays

They are the beginning of the weekend.

66. Read horoscopes

Because this is how every crisis becomes a chance. Here are the horoscopes of BRIGITTE astrologer Roswitha Broszath .

67. Watching little children clear things from A to B …

… and are very happy. Joy can be so easy.

69. Spontaneously visit friends

That’s far too rare.

70. Reading in the toilet

There is no better place.

71. For the first time, “I love you” to say someone

Without (extra) words.

72. Go to the subway and see the train enter

Triggers indescribable joy.

73. Overcome a crisis

From now on one carries the predicate “Senior Crisis Manager”.

74. Claim a salary increase and get it

Good for self-confidence and for the account.

75. Having found the right vibrator for you

A friendship that holds a life. By the way, there’s a test here .

76. Swimming naked

On the good old hippie times!

77. Share apples

For example, with dear colleagues.

78. To be promoted

Definitely a guarantee of luck.

79. Watching flags that flutter in the wind

You are so reassuring.

80th break

For what ever this stress?

81. A dog who almost gets a heart attack for joy because they come back

That’s her, the unconditional love.

82. Nut nougat cream

God invented it personally.

83. Rejoicing over Miss Piggy singing “Hello” by Adele

That our luck would make a pig lady perfect, who sings about her past love, we would not have thought.

84. The dearest, who picks you up spontaneously from the airport

And then you drive home together.

85. Come to a conference room where cookies are already on the table

So the stomach growls at least not in the meeting.

86. Shut down the computer

Because that means the work is done.

87. Can pay at the cash register

And do not fill the wallet with more change.

88. Walk through the woods when it rains

And be protected by trees.

89. Surprisingly listen to a favorite song on the radio

This includes a spontaneous dance.

90. Get a laugh attack with your best friend

Girlfriends are still the best.

91. Looking behind the clouds

Where does it go? And me?

92. Let the wind blow around your nose

For example, on the Baltic or North Sea.

93. The moment you see the waiter bringing the food to the table

Finally, the wait is over.

94. Drink so much gin and tonic that the date is still exciting

Life is always what you make of it.

95. Watching old Doris Day movies

And wish to also land in Rock Hudson’s single-booth.

96. Help people who need help

If you are well, you should share your happiness too.

97. Clear the attic

Make room in the heart – and in the attic! 😉

98. See a newsreel starting with a positive message

There are seldom enough.

99. Meditate

We all have a little Buddha.

100. Happy to have found 100 reasons for happiness

But now we are broken too. Phew.

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