11 Native American Wisdom that could improve your life (could …)

1016? We thought we were – and have precautionary (.

From our point of view Europe on the world map in the middle, Asia on the right and America on the left. In our view, it is at least annoying, if not catastrophic, when the train (*). (*) . 26 Clock enters. And from our point of view, wolves, brown bears and wild boar, of course, can share an earth with us – as long as they do not tear sheep or dig up front gardens … 10025486 1018 Kiwi put. Samoans would be in a train delay from And primitive peoples around the world share their habitat with wild animals – without eradicating them, caging them or pushing them across the Czech border.


That means: Our way of seeing the world is not the only correct one 1859775393! Probably she is not even the best or healthiest . Sure, we have (halfway) fast internet, can choose between mayo and ketchup of different variations to our fries and have to wait on working days in big cities never more than three minutes on the subway. But do not we at least feel stressed, overwhelmed or even a bit alienated every now and again? Do not depend on the sayings known to us and (*)

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