11 qualities that make you a shell in bed – according to men

Not that we would actually do it, but only in theory: What do men really find hot during sex? A reddit thread creates clarity.

Sure, we could watch the top 10 most popular pornos by men and know (and probably be served for the rest of our lives …). On the other hand, we do not look at ” Harry Potter ” or “A Star is Born”, because we like to do magic or to be on stage and sing (but Bradley Cooper as a husband could possibly get involved …) ,

Diese Sexstellung sorgt am häufigsten für Streit im Bett!

What do we conclude from this? There is reason to optimistically assume that men in their own bed are not even soooo sprayed on body parts and above-average stretchable jaw joints! So we all took the courage to look into a reddit thread aimed at men and ask, "What do you think makes a woman into a shell during sex?" Here are the uncensored, most popular answers ...

11 qualities that make you a great sex partner - according to men

1. Enthusiasm


2. Attraction

"It's less about what a woman does in bed than how much you like that person and how you're attracted to her."

3. A broken spark

"First and foremost our chemistry, the best sex I've ever had was clearly with a woman who was extremely responsive to me and made me feel that way."

4. Desire

"Men want to be coveted, just like women, when a woman whispers in my ear and says how much she wants me and how hot she finds me, and shows me that, I think that's super sexy, and then I'll let myself be more fall and kneel fully in. "

5. Cuddle

"If she shows me that she likes my body, whether verbally, physically (leg around my hip, hugging) or whatever, then if she likes cuddling, that's great!"

6. Openness ... and self-confidence!

"Sexual Compatibility I have some special preferences and I like it when a woman is at least open to it, even if we never really give it a try." My point is that I feel comfortable in bed and I can be myself without Fear of being convicted, and the hottest thing a woman can do in sex is self-confidence! "

7. Full commitment

"Everybody is different, as long as she's having fun, getting involved and saying what feels good to her, everything is wonderful."

8. Heart

"Enthusiasm is everything! Talent and skills do not work if you are not there with your heart."

9. Experimentation

"If a woman feels comfortable exploring all sorts of aspects of sexuality, it's a beautiful experience for me, and the ability to communicate is very important."

10. Mobility

"What makes a woman great in bed is that we do not have to be in bed at all, all I want is to be sought after, and that does not always have to happen in bed under the covers and the light off, in short before we go to sleep, I want them to touch me in the car, kiss in the kitchen, no matter where, and it does not even have to amount to sex, I just want to know that I'm wanted, I think that's sexy, and that's what you want me from a partner. "

11. Presence

"The mere fact that she's in bed with me."

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