14 women tell: “I would do that if I could not fail”

“What would you do if you could not fail?” We asked BRIGITTE.de users on Facebook – and the answers inspired us! Here you read a selection.

Failure is never a sign of weakness or a reason to feel bad, on the contrary: whoever fails should be proud of themselves ! After all, something has been tried and that includes courage, confidence and self-confidence. Sure, to recoup after a failed project can be difficult and exhausting, but ideally it makes us even stronger and bolder than before.

The only stupid thing about failure is that what we intended to do , for For example, a project that we wanted to realize is not a reality . Or at least not the reality that we had in mind. That, and not the fear of failing, is also the wonderful reason why we do not even tackle things where the probability of failure is high , as the wonderful answers of our BRIGITTE.de users on Facebook show. After all, we want to bring ourselves and our energy to where we can really do something. And although that’s absolutely enough – one may dream …

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

1. Enable people to age in dignity

“Open a nursing home where you can really grow old in dignity, maybe with a kindergarten or farm …”

2. Crab kicking in the ass

“Invent a drug for CANCER that heals everyone.”

3. Do something good for people and animals who really need it

“To open up a sanctuary for sick and old animals and in the course of which people who are not feeling well will be able to spend a wonderful weekend on this farm.” Uner Unfortunately, this goal is unattainable 😊 “

4. Solve three big problems

“Declare world peace, invent something that prevents cancer from breaking out, and stop global warming ✋🏻”

5. Give everyone what they deserve

“Run a retirement home for humans and animals and pay decent salaries.”

6. Clean up 😃

“To buy a company, to clean up the executive floors thoroughly, to throw out too many, sometimes unnecessary, bosses and to keep the tribe (the really working colleagues) and to pay much better.” After that we can work together for bigger things 😇😉 “

7. Improve the world

“Making the world a better place”

8. Introduce peace and justice

“Destroy all the weapons of the world, give all people food and clean drinking water, and enable a decent life at the expense of the rich.”

9. Open wool shop

“Open a small wool shop … 💕 with a chatterbox and a cozy atmosphere … oh that would be nice ❤️”

10. Continue as before

“Actually the same as before in my life only with more courage and the certainty that it is worth fighting.”

11. Find true love

“Marry properly and be content without losing yourself.”

12. Doing instead of always discussing

“Inventing a system where everything is tackled: environment / food / education / jobs / social services, etc.”

13. Others fulfill their dreams

“Make me self-sufficient as a possible creator: fulfill the last wishes, create meeting spaces for taboo topics …”

14. Open a good daycare

“Open a day-care center and open the groups to a maximum of 15 children to 2 kindergarten teachers Need-oriented work and not cared for, full and clean …”

Ladies, you are just great! Thank you for your wonderful answers and that we were allowed to share them here! Sure thing: If you had the necessary power and resources, the world would be a paradise. But even so you make it guaranteed with your actions and existence every day to a better place! ❤️

If you would like to share or join forces with others in order to do something together: Maybe our community will offer you the right platform! Just drop in, if you like.

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