15 things to which you should NEVER NEVER say – without having tried them

Try something new is not your thing? Well, who knows ?! Maybe you’re just missing inspiration …

Admittedly , it’s pretty cozy in your own comfort zone ! We know what to expect, how we behave best, and what we draw most from. No wonder that it is so tempting to persuade ourselves, in the comfort zone we were optimally reserved. A “THAT would be nothing for me” here, a “I’m not the type for me” there and then the own borders are manifested again, without us even touched them.

Just stupid, that we do not learn much in the comfort zone and can seldom prove what’s really in us, such as: B.   how well we can handle challenges. Also stupid that in the comfort zone it’s so damn hard to find new things that make us happy. As a result, over time we become more and more dependent on a few sources of happiness and self-esteem, and unfortunately we are pretty much in the fix if they someday dry up accidentally.

Dinge, die im Leben getan haben sollten

We've put together 15 things that anyone can try, even if they're outside their comfort zone. But no stress: Of course not everyone has to do everything ! Just start with what seems the easiest and most appealing to you - maybe that will make you want to taste it ...

15 things you should not refuse without trying

1. Date yourself

Eating out alone, going to the cinema or a nice day in the spa - if you find such a thing embarrassing or miserable today, you have missed out on one of the coolest dating trends: Mastur dating .

2. Masturbate

Even if we do not assume that masturbation would still be unpleasant to anyone today: A fulfilling sex life should be possible without a sexual partner ...

3. Driving alone on vacation

Do not compromise and just be there for yourself - what is so frightening about that?

4. Be single for a long time

Founding partnership and family are considered by many to be the ideal among life concepts. But even if it is for as many people as possible, one thing is for sure, one can only be sure of who else has tried something else ...

5. Lead an open relationship

... and the choice of alternatives is not that small. Or does Mingle- being really sound so unsexy?

6. Give a long-distance relationship a chance

Who excludes long-distance relationships categorically, apparently does not believe in true love - namely, connects two people even over long distances.

7. Sex with a woman

If you prefer men in bed, women have their skills ...

8. Sex with several persons

... on the other hand, one does not necessarily have to decide.

9. Tandem Sky Dive

Overcome your own fears, the adrenalin, the weightlessness and the peace after opening the umbrella, when the world down there slowly becomes bigger again - an experience of a very special kind.

10. Bathing naked in the sea

Feeling like a fish in the water - at least outfitters.

11. Show "problem areas" open

Anyone who keeps hiding his dents and rolls will never experience the fact that nobody cares - and that the real problem zone lies in their own heads.

12. go to work uncleaned

Just sleep half an hour longer and leave out the makeup - there's probably even compliments for that (even if it's not about that, of course!).

13. Eat something unusual

Grasshoppers, nut nougat cream with cheese, grilled watermelon - the worst thing that can happen is that you do not like it.

14. Watch a movie of which you only know the title

Do not watch previews, read summaries or reviews. Let yourself be surprised.

15. A weekend without a mobile

Sounds hard, it may be at the beginning, but the likelihood is quite high that afterwards you will feel like a new person ... in a positive sense!

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