15th Wedding Anniversary: ​​Importance and Customs of the Crystal Wedding

On the 15th wedding anniversary, the couple has already mastered many hurdles. For what the crystal wedding is and what customs are common, we reveal here. And who still looking for gift ideas, will certainly find it here!

The 15th wedding anniversary is unlike the silver wedding or the Golden Wedding not necessarily celebrated big – which of course does not mean that this is not a good idea! Whether married togetherness or an exuberant celebration with friends and relatives: We tell you what the wedding day means and what deco and gift ideas fit.

15th wedding anniversary – meaning

The 15th wedding anniversary is also known as a crystal wedding or a glass wedding. Why? Glass is a hard material, but at the same time fragile. After so many years together, the couple has created a good common foundation – and yet the relationship is fragile when mishandled. Another interpretation of meaning implies that the two spouses are so well acquainted after fifteen years that they have become transparent (“glassy”).

15th wedding anniversary – customs

In some regions it is customary to decorate the house or the garden of the couple with a garland with bottles. Another custom wants the garden or yard to be filled with bottles.

15th wedding anniversary – deco

The matching decoration is practically on hand: Many glass and crystal elements make the wedding party really festive. If there are certain colors in the foreground on other wedding anniversaries, the crystal wedding will not be assigned a special one. Bright colors support the clear character of crystal – but in the end, the taste of the couple counts!

15th wedding anniversary – gift ideas

If you are invited to a jubilee celebration, a gift related to the special date is best. Whether the partners want to give each other something, is very individual. But we also collected some ideas for that.

Gift ideas for guests:

  • Crystal / glass candlestick
  • crystal glasses
  • crystal decanter
  • glass figures

Gift ideas for the partner:

  • Crystal gem
  • Crystal heart (with engraving)
  • Glass photo frame
  • experience Gifts
  • Joint picnic
  • City break

15th wedding anniversary – sayings and congratulations

  • “A good marriage is like a cut crystal, it sparkles and shines, in spite of rough edges.”
  • “May the love in your hearts remain so inexhaustible that it will last for a lifetime.”
  • “We wish you all the best you can think of at the Crystal Wedding: health, love, contentment – together for all eternity!”
  • “Congratulations to the Crystal Wedding We wish you many more years of joy and togetherness!”

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