18th week: This happens in the 18th week of pregnancy

The baby can hear us! This is the chance to get in touch during the 18th SSW. With music and first talks. In addition: The scale climbs up. Hooray!

This is how the baby develops in the 18th week of pregnancy

Fingers and toes can now be clearly identified on the ultrasound . Even small fingernails have already grown. In addition, your baby already develops its very individual characteristics in the 18th week of pregnancy: its fingerprints . Incidentally, the uniqueness of the grooves on our fingers is caused by quite random factors such as temperature differences in the womb or pressure fluctuations during the development phase. Even identical twins do not have the same fingerprints.

In addition, the lungs develop in the 18th week of pregnancy on. Your baby “breathes” amniotic fluid in and out and may even get hiccups. This in turn prepares the lungs in the second trimester for the time after birth, strengthens and trains them.

At the time of birth, your baby will have almost all the reflexes we have as adults. And this is what it already practices diligently during pregnancy . In particular sucking and swallowing are trained in the 18th SSW. Thumb sucking is already very popular.

Gymnastics in the stomach: First child movements in the 18th SSW

Roll backwards, move legs, play with the umbilical cord: Everything works! The fetus uses its abilities and moves diligently. There is still enough space in the stomach for small gymnastics exercises. It’s already about 14 inches high in SSL (crown-rump length) – like a big orange – and weighs about 190 grams .
Do not forget: these are all only average values ! As pregnancy progresses, babies become more and more individual, and if your baby is smaller or taller, that’s no cause for concern . Your gynecologist will keep a close eye on your baby’s development.

If you look deep into yourself, you may even feel the first tender child movements in the 18th week of pregnancy – especially if you are already pregnant for the second time. But even some first-time mothers can feel a delicate flutter or slight trembling in the stomach. For some it feels as if small air bubbles rise to the abdominal wall, in others as if they had swallowed a butterfly .

Contacting the baby in the second trimester

Since the baby can already hear in the stomach and recognize light, you can contact him through small sensory games . The heartbeat and the mother’s voice are the first sounds that are perceived, but even environmental noise penetrates to your baby as early as the 18th week of pregnancy:

  • Whether classical music, your favorite song or clapping, nursery rhymes or books – try out whether your baby is already reacting to something.
  • Your baby is also reacting to light . For example, if you hold a flashlight against your stomach, your little one might try to move or kick. But do not overdo it. Your baby sleeps a lot, after all, it takes a lot of strength to grow. Therefore, please do not wake!

If the baby has not responded during this week, be patient and get in touch for the next few weeks. The neurobiologist Gerald Hüther from Göttingen, but also brain researchers around the world are convinced that the prenatal experiences are important for our entire life.

Pullous ausgewählten not too much. In the 18th week of pregnancy the baby has no sleep-wake-up-rhythm and it may sleep up to 20 hours a day!

Babies Gender: boy or girl?

In the 18th SSW, the internal and external genitalia are already formed. In girls, follicles that contain eggs are already forming in the ovaries. At the next ultrasound, which is due from the 19th SSW, the gender of the child could already be detected.

So: think beforehand, whether you want to know or not, and inform the doctor about this before the next ultrasound.

This happens in SSW 18 in your body

You’re pregnant. The best reason to be happy about the increasing weight ! What you should not do? To think of the after-baby body of various stars! Because your baby is developing magnificently and your body works exactly as it should. After all, not only is the baby getting bigger and heavier, but also the uterus with the amniotic fluid in it.

The body produces more blood and the breasts get heavier. And a small portion of the weight is applied as a fat pad, which you actually need during pregnancy and later for breastfeeding.

Pregnancy symptoms in the 18th week of pregnancy:

  • Circulatory Problems: Your heart works 40 to 50 percent harder than it did before pregnancy, and it pumps much more blood through your body to supply you and the fetus. No wonder you get dizzy if you get up too fast. A low blood sugar level can also contribute to a dazed feeling. What helps: Rest, put your feet up and always a small snack (fruit, glucose, etc.) in your pocket. Also changing showers and movement get your circulation going. But please do not exaggerate and always listen to your body and your gut feeling!
  • Pull, prick, stinging in the stomach: He probably already seems familiar to you, the pain that feels like the menstrual pain? Even in the 18th week of pregnancy, the mother ligaments are heavily used and it can still come to a strain pain. If this seems strange to you, the pain is stronger or bleeding, then once to the doctor and the gynecologist to clarify. What helps: rest, a comfortable position sitting or lying position
  • Leg cramps: Pregnant you excrete more magnesium than usual. This can lead to cramps, for example, in the calves. What helps: The additional intake of magnesium. But beware: The intake of magnesium in turn inhibits the absorption of iron. If you also take an iron supplement, should be between the income of magnesium and iron a distance of three to four hours.
  • Heartburn: Hormones during pregnancy make your muscles relax in the body – unfortunately also the sphincter, which prevents the flow back of the stomach contents. At the same time, your growing uterus needs more and more space and pushes against the stomach. This provides for many expectant mums for nasty heartburn. What Helps: Better eat smaller, low-fat meals throughout the day than eat large ones. It also helps to chew hazelnuts or almonds slowly. This binds excess stomach acid. At night you can reduce the rising of the stomach acid by a thicker pillow.

Pregnancy calendar: This is in the 18th SSW

Logically, at this stage of pregnancy, the favorite jeans is no longer. If you are suffering from an acute lack of trousers but are still getting a pre-pregnancy pant over your hips, you can help yourself with the hair-tie trick :

  • Pull one end of the hair tie through the button opening.
  • Lead an end through the resulting loop and tighten.
  • So you can then wrap around your pants button.

Memo to you: Book birth preparation course!

If you have not already done so, now it is the highest railway to book a birth preparation course . The places in the courses are very fast gone – just like midwives who look after pregnant women in the puerperium!

If you want to book an intensive course over several evenings, you can do it with or without a partner. But there are also weekend seminars that inform you well about the birth. Courses lasting several weeks may prepare you a bit more intensively, and you can also meet pregnant women who are about the same week of pregnancy as you.

Pregnancy exercises in the 18th week of pregnancy? Only too!

Fancy exercise gymnastics? The fatigue phase is over in the second trimester, and exercise is just fine now. Yoga, swimming, cycling are also no problem for pregnant women. If you fancy light exercise, perfect! It’s also an excellent opportunity to meet other pregnant women and to exchange ideas.

But watch out for your circulation anyway. The increased amount of blood now being pumped through your body can cause balance problems or mild dizziness.

Hospital, birth house or home birth?

Even though the birth may seem a long way away for you, you have almost reached the halfway point of your pregnancy . Time to deal with the topic of birth and the choice of place of birth. Many hospitals and birthing centers offer information evenings for expectant parents. Here you can take a look in the delivery room and ask questions. More and more women now wish to have a birth at home again . In many places, however, it is difficult to find a midwife. Best discuss the issue with your doctor and your midwife.

Parental leave: Who takes her and how long?

Have you already thought about parental leave and parental allowance ? If not, now is a good time to realize how you would like to split the months . You can customize the parental leave individually. The possibilities are varied , but often also dependent on one’s own finances. During pregnancy, you have enough time to think about how you want to handle the parental leave and if you also get along well, if both get only the parental benefit, instead of the full salary. Therefore, do not delay so long and mark thick in the pregnancy calendar!

Are you looking forward to what happens in the next week of pregnancy? Read how your baby develops in the 19th week of pregnancy .

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