20 questions that make your first date more interesting

Your first dates are all the same (boring)? Then just ask your counterpart other questions. Here are our suggestions.

A parship survey shows that more than two-thirds of the singles flirt in everyday life as good as not. Nearly half prefer to be approached instead of taking the initiative themselves. And even if they already have a date, many people are uncertain and taciturn. What should one say or ask?

“Well, how was your weekend?” – “What are you working for?” – “Where do you like to travel?” Who asks these questions or gets to hear himself, always leads the same talks. Or worse, the other does not respond to the standard questions and talks about his job or the five high-performance sports he claims to run for two hours.

Other topics of conversation that are just boring: the weather, the food, the table decoration. Interested not really and does not heat the flirtation somehow so not at all. On the contrary: If you talk about a trivial topic, both seem rather cramped. An embarrassing conversation break chases the next and the evening can be sooooo long!

The problem is that you usually do not dare to go into more detail with your questions. It’s too intimate, you might think, according to a Parship study. However, dating is all about one thing: you want to get to know the potential partner – and in the end you might even fall in love and have a relationship. The motto is: Dare and lure your counterpart a little out of the reserve! With which questions? Here are 20 suggestions that he first has to think about. But be prepared for him to ask you back. Here we go!

1. What was the best thing that happened to you today?

There can only be a nice answer to that!

2. What’s your favorite smell?

Granted, something sounds creepy. But reveals a lot about the opposite!

3. Are you still excited about dates?

Answer your date with “yes”, it makes the man incredibly sympathetic!

4. Are you telling your family that you have a date?

Show you how close he is to his family! You may also learn something about your potential mother-in-law (if you want that …).

5. Which of your qualities are you particularly proud of?

Of course, a man to fall in love with will not let you go. You can be curious …

6. Have you thought long about what you wear today?

Is he vain or not? Or is he just pretentious, but in reality he spends hours in the bathroom? You can hear it for sure!

7. What’s the last picture you took with your phone?

Super interesting! So maybe you can catch a glimpse of his other photos. Nice question is also: could you live a week WITHOUT your mobile phone?

8. Which emoji do you like the most?

Lets look deeply into his soul! What really? Well, at least a little!

9. Which question would you be happy about?

Of course, you will give it to him immediately – with a charming smile!

10. What was the last problem that did not go out of your mind?

Too intimate? Nope. Just ask! He will certainly answer something to the question.

11. What did you want to become when you were 10 years old?

And then you could hide behind: Do you think your current job is better? Or: Would you retrain again?

12. If money did not matter, how would you like to live?

Of course, this question reveals that one’s eye was turned on the relationship. But, what is it? It is usually hoped that something flirting becomes something serious.

13. What do you like to spend money on?

“For a woman!” Anyone who hears this answer can then first wipe away the slime trail left by the man. Do not we want to hear there!

14. Do you have a favorite word?

You may ask yourself: Do I really need to know that about my flirt? No, but this question is a great door opener for humorous topics of conversation!

15. What was the best compliment someone gave you?

Remember that! Can you get out of here someday and make him shine?

16. Which everyday problem would you like to solve?

The full subway or rather the too small freezer at home? He can really answer everything – and steer them to new topics of conversation.

17. What was the most helpful thing you have learned lately?

Practical, because maybe that will help you in your own life!

18. Do you prefer to tell or do you like to listen?

The man of our dreams is of course a great listener. But he should not be a closed person.

19. What time of the weekend do you like most?

Friday evening or Sunday afternoon? The chance is great that you can counter with this topic a “funny, me too”.

20. Which question annoys you the most and why?

Great, if this also upsets you. Because: to get upset about something, connects!

By the way: The time is crucial!

Most people make an appointment in the evening, of course. But why? Good question! At the weekend we have the whole day time. Behavioral researcher Francesca Gino, a professor at Harvard Business School in Boston, claims in her study: The best time of day for a date is the morning! Because there we are still fresh and rested and are also friendly in dealing with other people. Interesting! The next time we want to meet someone, we’re just going to brunch, right?

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