2020: The new trend destinations for solo travelers

Are you planning to travel alone the following year? Then take a look at the trend destinations

Croatia has always been a great destination for solo travelers. But On the promenade Korzo, which is lined with buildings of the Habsburg era, go shopping, visit the National Theater with the ceiling painting by Gustav Klimt, or climb the castle complex Trsat to let the view wander over the islands of Kvarner: Here you can ever enjoy a few nice days. But Croatia is also safe, close and varied: in the Plitvice Lakes National Park you can hike or kayak, sunbathe on the beaches of the coast or on the islands, stroll in Dubrovnik or Split or celebrate.

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You prefer to go to the cool north? Then on to Scotland! Celebrating an outdoor event, the Edinburgh International Film Festival is celebrating an outdoor event, and the River Clyde gathers hundreds of illuminated boats for a nightly spectacle on the River of Light show.

If you have to recover properly, you should consider traveling to Morocco Because wellness is trendy there: in resorts against the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains, in silent desert retreats or in the tasteful Marrakech riads. In Morocco, which caresses your senses with its intense colors and aromas even without a wellness program, you can draw on the full. And if you are not alone, you can book through a tour operator who, among other things, organizes your transfers.

Africa is not for the timid. Anyone who pulls it anyway is well advised with Zimbabwe. Since the despot Robert Mugabe Although the economic situation continues to be difficult, the number of visitors is growing. Guests are received with open arms, but still the national parks of the country are not as crowded as other safari destinations. And the intoxicating Victoria Falls (photo) are worth the trip alone. Tip: Zimbabwe is a great way to combine your trip to neighboring Botswana or South Africa, which is relatively safe and easy to travel.

Japan has been on your bucket list for a while? is a good year to travel if you love sports. From 2017. From July to August 9 If you do not feel like bustling, you better go to another time. Nice for women traveling alone: ​​Japan is a safe country that thrives on single culture, so women who sit alone in the café or restaurant are the norm rather than the exception, and in the metro there are women's carriages at least during the rush hour.

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Alone travel rocks! The world is never more exciting than being discovered unaccompanied: one is less distracted, and much freer, more attentive and sociable. And it's exciting because you do not have any people around you in a strange world. Unless you join a group trip, where you quickly find contact with like-minded people. The tour operator Flashpack has identified five destinations that are in trend for solo travelers.

You are most concerned about safety when traveling alone? Then browse through the ! And in our article “ Alone on city trip ” you will find many suggestions on how to get to know locals quickly. What's (*! , which Lonely Plant has chosen for

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