21 husbands reveal why they love their wives so much

How do you know after many years of marriage that your wife is still “the one” for you? The answers of these 21 husbands are incredibly touching and beautiful.

These loving words make us laugh, cry, wonder and believe in true love. These men have been married to their wives for decades and reveal in this ” reddit ” thread why they love their wives so much. They are answers that touch your heart and that you will probably never forget …

  1. “I know she’s the one whenever I hear her laugh, I can be on the other side of a crowded room, when I hear her laugh, I melt away .”
  2. “We have no secrets from each other, she knows things of mine that would make even a hardened seaman run red, she accepts her as part of me, as the past that shaped me, and loves me for it.”
  3. “Every time I have to leave her alone for a long time, I collapse completely and have to turn around quickly so she does not see my tears .”
  4. “She never stopped working on our marriage, more than once I told her that I did not think I was worth the effort, she just smiled at me, told me to be quiet, and me loved further.
  5. “I’m at home right now, I’m sick and can not work, I’m pretty dirty, she just came in to take care of me, she’s the one!”
  6. “I woke up tonight when our daughter cried, she’s a baby, that’s fine, my wife and I kept our hands asleep, I do not know how many times we do that, but it happens every now and then.”
  7. “We’ve been married for 26 years now and I know that she’s the one when you look at me like this, with that look that says, ‘I’m happy, you’re happy, we’re happy.’ That often brings us both together Smile, sometimes we even laugh out loud, just like that, for no other reason. “
  8. Every time she enters the room – even after 20 years – my heart is still sinking for a second.”
  9. “We’ve been together for more than a decade now, I know she’s the one because I have cancer – and she’s still there – it breaks my heart that it will end too soon, but we make the best of it . “
  10. “She wants so much children, I can not have children, she’s still with me.”

  11. “We are very opposite – she’s creative and a free spirit, I’m more of the analytical, calculating type, she’s the yin to my yang, and when she’s gone, I miss her as if I lack a body part.
  12. “When I told her that I wanted to go on a diet, she plunged headfirst with me.”
  13. “I was sure of a very well-paid job with a lot of pressure to spend my entire working life on, all my identity and self-esteem depended on this job, I was so scared of what my wife would answer if I did But when I did, my wife – who I had never heard a curse before – said, “Damn, quit!” At that moment, I knew what is still going on in this life, everything will be fine. “
  14. She makes me want to be the best version of me every day.
  15. We always hold hands when we go for a walk, when I walk past her I run my hands over her back and she smiles then, whenever we look at each other, we embrace each other Two years dating, two years engaged, Married for 31 years, still happy. “
  16. “We’ve been married for six years and have a disabled child, we’ve got more lows than highs behind us, fighting physically, mentally and financially, working full time, taking care of our child on the weekends and having zero time for herself while I think a lot negative, she is full of optimism, she wants a second child, we can not afford it, but she does not care, she believes we can do it, I keep destroying her dreams, all the same she still loves me more than anything else in the world, she will always be the one for me, I wish I could be better, it breaks my heart every day. “
  17. “Even after 20 years, she occasionally takes me out to dinner, is interested in my days, embraces me spontaneously or sends funny pictures to my cell phone, it’s the little things.”
  18. “27 years later I’m still excited when she comes home from work or anywhere else home. 27 years later we can still laugh together. I love to laugh to see if their tears of joy running down her cheeks. We Pull it all together, all the ups and downs , that’s us, a damn good team, I love them unconditionally and they love me. “
  19. “Twenty-five years ago … my mother got sick recently, she supported my parents like only someone who really loves you, she was at her side every step of the way because she really cared, I stand up eternal in her guilt for the mercy with which she supported my mother and still my father …
  20. “It’s been eleven years and it’s not the big events, it’s all the little things, I just could not imagine my life without them, it’s not just the one, it’s my one and only, absolutely irreplaceable.
  21. “I just know, every single time, when the sun rises in the east and sets in the west again.”

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