21-year-old reveals: That's why I slept with a married man

Why do you go to bed with a forgiven husband? An Australian woman wrote her story for “Mamamia” – moving honestly! 1002 Sex with a married man? For many a no-go, for others “not their responsibility”. One 14 has a year old Australian wrote down their experiences for the portal “Mamamia” – and at the end makes a moving appeal to all women. 1006 “I knew we would have sex soon” 0123456789 She learned her affair, a 35 – year old man, in a bar know. His nature, his green eyes … She found him immediately attractive and charming. Already at the first conversation, he said that he was married, even at the next meeting (back in the bar), he spoke much of his wife. Nevertheless, he flirted, the two came closer and exchanged numbers. “When I gave him my number, I knew we would have sex soon,” the Australian writes. At first, they just got together and went to the movies – and kissed each other. 1008 1018

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A few days later, it happened: Even if the (*) – year old knew it was wrong, she slept with him in his car. “It was the best sex of my life!” From then on, the two saw each other almost every day, always secret, and soon emotions came into play: “I was in love with a man whom I had to hide because my friends were horrified.”


“I started to see other men – but he wanted me exclusively”

At some point said the The Australian suffered – she was in love with a man who would never really be with her. She felt bad because she could not get away from him, knowing that he had another woman on the side, while she would have been alone in the event of a break-up. “I started to see other men and was not so blue-eyed,” says the Australian. “I did not tell him because he wanted me alone”. she kept telling him to be married and he began to ignore her calls – then she suddenly appeared in between. Too much for the (*) – Yearlings: “I finished it!” 1011 “That was no love!”

Years later, the Australian sees things more clearly. The sadness, the rejection, the lies … all this was a bad time for her. And she realizes: “That was no love, that was something out of lust, emptiness and sadness, what we had.” Would she do it again? No way! And she wants to warn others: “Do not put up with this heartbreak and torture, it's not worth it!” () Mamania.com .

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