24-hour diet: lose 2 kilos overnight

Slimming is possible thanks to Fatburn Turbo: That promises the 24-hour lightning diet. On the plan are plenty of protein and endurance sports. Does it really work?


24-hour diet: Flash program against excess pounds
The 24-hour diet promises you can lose up to two pounds on just one diet day. The lightning diet is designed to burn as much fat as possible and empty your carbohydrate storage. For this to work, a Fatburn Turbo is switched on: renouncement of carbohydrates such as white flour, potatoes, sweet fruit.

Subjects at the University of Freiburg lost with this diet between 0.5 and 2 kilos. They lost little muscle and twice their fat burning rate. The body then gains its energy exclusively from its own fat reserves.

Carbohydrates and fat should, therefore, be removed from the diet during this period, instead, you rely on a protein-rich diet: foods with protein that stimulate the metabolism.

How does the 24-hour diet work?
The goal: fat burning in turbo gear. This should be achieved within 24 hours with sports and low-calorie meals. The start is on the eve – it is trained to the limit. The body empties its carbohydrate storage and rises to fat burning. On the actual diet day, there is plenty of protein feed: eggs, meat, fish, dairy products. Carbs such as pasta, potatoes or bananas are taboo. A (moderate) endurance training completes the program.

Move a lot and eat fewer calories
There is no way around this 21st-century success formula for losing weight. In addition to the most extensive renunciation of carbohydrates is of course set to sport. The first training should therefore already be inserted the previous evening.

Depending on how fit you are, you can do interval training on the following day. Because: Even muscle mass ensures that you burn fat and at the end of the day have about one to two kilograms less on the scales. For the sake of your health, you should treat yourself to at least eight hours of sleep.

For whom is the 24-hour diet suitable?
For those who want to get rid of a few pounds, and know the sport not only by hearsay. Because: The prelude is brutal. Even on the actual day of the diet, you can not move less than an hour, it can also be three.

A program from the department “quick & dirty”. Advantage: It decreases almost from the first minute on and only has to last 24 hours. This seems feasible – and repeatable as soon as the weight gets out of hand again. In between, however, should be a week rest. But as a permanent solution, the 24-hour diet is not suitable. Only a permanent change in diet helps.

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