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What advantages does it have if a man takes full-time parenting instead of a woman? The answer: So many – for mothers, fathers, children and society …

In films and series, the cliché of the traditional family is still lived with preference: The mother stays full time at home, the father then takes care of the offspring after work (if he is still awake there …).

Unfortunately, things do not look much better outside the film industry: there are still more mothers sitting on the playgrounds than fathers. Although more and more fathers take two months of legal parental leave – but usually only because the parents are financially favored by the state for it.

When dad becomes a full-time dad

Full-time fathers are still behind the call not to be “masculine enough”. It is precisely these men who contribute significantly to the fact that they themselves, the children, their partners and society an incredible service! These three benefits are what makes dad a full-time dad:

  1. Studies have shown that men who spend more time with their children are fitter, happier and more productive. On average, they live longer than their full-time counterparts and see more meaning in their lives.
  2. Also proven: Women who feel equal in education with their partner, are less emotionally burdened. True to the motto: shared suffering is half suffering, the challenges of everyday life are shared fairly between the parents. If the father is even full-time dad, women can go back to work earlier and have less or no income loss in the long run.
  3. Children whose fathers are more concerned about them are more likely to grow up with fewer prejudices against gender roles. In addition, they often grow happier and, statistically, have fewer conflicts with authorities.

It lacks the implementation, not the will

The good news is that numerous surveys have shown that more and more people believe that education should be equally shared among mothers and fathers.

However, it still lacks the implementation. Not because men do not feel like looking after their children. Often it fails due to the external circumstances that are manifested in our society:

  • Women are usually in the lower paid occupations, so that some parents can not perform a “role reversal” for financial reasons.
  • Flexible working conditions are statistically more often given to women who have children than to men. If a man wants to change to part-time for educational reasons, it is less possible.

As far as day-to-day life is concerned, men have long proven that they are capable of self-survival, cooking for the kids, chucking the home, shopping, and doing whatever else is attributed to full-time moms becomes. Parenting is not rocket science. It is a natural task that can be accomplished by both mothers and fathers.

Now is the time for men who take their father’s role seriously and want to live it up for it. And her wives support her. Change starts on a small scale. The necessary changes in legislation should not be long in coming – after all, male voices are often heard quickly …

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