3 lover types who had (almost) every woman in bed

They exist: these men, with whom one was once in bed – and NEVER AGAIN! These 3 are definitely one of them!

Sex in itself is a great thing. If there were not a few men who take any pleasure in it. We call them lover fails – and almost every one of us already had one in bed. Think … did you have the “pleasure” with one of these gentlemen?

The “Myself first” type 💪

He is virtually the trump among the lovers . The “Myself First” guy thinks he’s the best in bed (with the biggest penis and the best technique), thinks only of himself and keeps empathy for a disease. To bring the woman to orgasm? At best he wants to polish his ego. Everything that goes beyond 10 minutes of bedtime sports, he sees as a waste of time. Finally, the next waits for him eagerly … Little comfort, girls: shared suffering is known to half suffering!

The “I am lost” type 👀

How do I open the bra right now? Is the clitoris the same as the vulva and where is the venous mound that everyone is talking about? Yeah, the “I am lost” -type feels like a tourist in a foreign country during sex. Not even his own anatomy is clear to him – and how he deals with her, certainly not. It is logical that the sex flops there. Sorry, but we really do not need that anymore!

The “Turn me on” type 😎

If you give this man a pet name, it would not be tiger or bull, but sloth! Because the “Turn me on” type goes to bed and can then be pampered according to all the rules of the art. Handjob, Blowjob, Footjob … that’s just the prelude for him. It goes without saying that the woman acts in sexy lingerie while taking off her 10-year-old fine-ribbed underpants. Nah, come on boy: NOT! YOUR! SERIOUS!

You are looking for someone with whom you can have a lot of fun in bed? Then look for this star sign!

Dieses Sternzeichen ist im Bett am besten: Paar im Bett

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