35th wedding anniversary: ​​Everything worth knowing about the screen wedding

Why is the 35th wedding anniversary also called linen wedding and which gift fits this special occasion? The best gift ideas and everything worth knowing about the wedding anniversary.

35th Wedding Anniversary: ​​That’s why he’s called a canvas wedding

35 years together – a long time! For example, before photography, there used to be the custom of having couples who had been married for so long immortalized with a portrait on canvas . This tradition does not exist anymore, but the name still reminds of it. Regionally, the wedding day is sometimes called linen or linen wedding. Linen is therefore particularly tear-resistant, yet flexible at the same time, and the jubilation pair has also shown that it can withstand tensile tests.

35th wedding anniversary: ​​the celebrations

The silver wedding and the golden wedding celebrate most couples very big. The screen wedding is not always celebrated, sometimes the day is celebrated only in close family circle or only for two – which is always the husband and wife’s favorite. If you like, the couple can also enjoy a surprise party .

Certain colors such. B. for ruby wedding are not assigned to the special day. This is no reason not to celebrate the celebration 😉. Here you will find great ideas for the table decoration for the wedding .

35th wedding anniversary: ​​gifts

Of course, if you’re invited to a screen wedding, you do not want to show up with empty hands. Gifts with a symbolic character are a nice gesture for such celebrations. Here are a suitable gift ideas:

  • Photo of the couple or the day of the wedding printed on canvas
  • Self-painted picture on canvas
  • Linen book (eg guest book or photo album)
  • Linen tablecloth
  • Linen napkins

Other ways to give the anniversaries something, are z. For example, gifts of money or a larger gift with other guests.

35th wedding anniversary: ​​sayings

You still need a nice saying or you want to write a few words on the card, then let us be inspired by our congratulations on the wedding . If you want to make the two spouses a special surprise, prepare a small wedding speech or wedding games .

35th wedding anniversary and other anniversaries

The 35th wedding anniversary is a nice reason to celebrate! What romantic anniversaries are waiting for a couple in the course of the marriage, you will learn in a large overview of the wedding .

Are you getting married soon or are you invited to a wedding or a anniversary celebration? In our Brigitte Community, you can talk to others about the subject.

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