4 simple ways how you (even as a single) can have a fulfilling sex lif

For single ladies is good sex hard to get? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! What do we live for in the 21st century? Four simple tips for an active sex life, which every woman can use (with appropriate agreements also in a relationship …).

A fulfilling, varied sex life is well known for both mental wellbeing and physical health. And it makes us more productive and successful. Sure, if we have a partner, the solution is close and it should not be that hard to get our money (which does not mean it never is!). But of course we do not have to renounce sex as a single, on the contrary: Katrin Nusshold, author of “How to survive as a single” ( Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf ), quoted in her book, for example, her married girlfriend, who says: “I think I would have more sex if I were single. “ An interesting point: Compared to people who have a traditional, exclusive relationship, as a single, you often have even more options – you just have to be aware of them and take them.

As befits him, the author has dedicated the topic of single sex then also a separate chapter. We have summarized your best tips here for you – and no: Of course they are not exclusive to singles! If you agree with your sweetheart, you are welcome to help yourself …

4 easy ways to a fulfilling sex life (also as single)

1. Self is the woman

Zzzzzzzzzzz … well, is something already happening to you? Even if the genesis of the vibrator is somewhat shocking – that it exists is really a blessing! Masturbation (preferably with your favorite toy, of course) is not only the simplest and most obvious way to have nice sex (not just for single ladies!), But also the method, to your own body, your own pleasure and to get to know your own preferences so well and to train the libido. If you mean do you hard to take you regular time for self-satisfaction (because no one you motivated): If you begrudge you a little bit of me-time, at least on Sunday night, you start according to studies with high probability even exhilarating in the Monday. So we would not know a better Sunday ritual anyway …

2. Why do you have friends?

If you are already friends: why not friendship plus ( What is friendship plus, let’s tell you here!)? It is important, of course, to have clarified that sex merely serves a life-improving function and should not take the relationship to a new level or steer it in a certain direction. Once that’s clear to both parties – why not have a hot dessert in bed after dinner? By the way: Of course we do not just talk about male friends here! After all, sex with a woman has one or the other advantage anyway …

3. Questions are free

According to Nusshold, we as women are in a good position, at least in one respect: if we want to have sex with a man, we’ll get it too. And, according to the author, we would not even have to do much to make our intentions clear. Going to a bar, looking for someone, “hypocritically asking where he actually lives” and the man’s intention is clear. “As long as the woman fits halfway into his scheme, he will not say no.” Have you ever tried it? Would be worth a try! Alternatively, you can save the bar and of course use an app like Pickable or the dating portal of your choice to confront someone with your clear intention from the couch. But so that the ONS is not a sex that you regret afterwards : Do not forget the condom!

4. Call of Beauty

Not to forget: If you have the necessary change at hand, save yourself any effort and want to make sure that everything is 100% on your nose – treat yourself to a callboy. At least he knows what he is doing.

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