4 things we can learn from assholes

Assholes not only have bad qualities. A few things we can even look away from the unpleasant fellow human beings. We’ll tell you which ones.

Everyone knows at least one woman or one man who belongs in the category ” asshole “. What can one do with this kind of human? Nothing at all, you will say. But if you look closer, you realize: In every asshole is also a role model.

1. Confidently occur

No question: There are hardly any assholes who do not have an “I’m so horny” attitude. That may well be unsympathetic – but it contains a very important feature at the core: self-love. We often think we should not expose our strengths, because then we look arrogant and arrogant. It is only a matter of sale. No one has to emphasize in a tour how great he is. But to say every now and then: “I’m very good at organizing” or “The project is really good at me” – such praise should definitely become more natural for us.

2. To prevail

Sure, assholes can do that wonderfully. Only they seldom think of their fellow human beings. The fact is: enforcement is great – at least if you act considerately and you can plausibly justify why his point of view is the right one. And argue, we women can do that pretty well, right?

3. Do not worry about the image

Was I too direct now? Am I perhaps too briskly occurred? This may sound familiar to you: you worry too much about how you affect others and only make you more insecure. Assholes do not care about what others think – and remain completely themselves. Even if it is fatal in their case – for socially responsible people, this strategy is quite helpful.

4. Put your needs first

Let’s do it too rarely, if we are honest. There is always something more important: the partner, the job, the neighbor who needs help with the move … At some point the time must come when we say: No, I’m my number one!

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