40 love rules that you should absolutely heed ❤️

Falling in love is sometimes very quick – but love is often creeping. 40 tips to stay with you!

You have found a great love? Wonderful! Unfortunately, she often gets away from it in everyday life because we become careless or no longer appreciate our luck. These 40 short tips will help you not to become careless in love:

  1. When love is there, it cherishes and cares for it
  2. Only we can make sure that we are happy
  3. Say nothing to hurt
  4. Forgive effortlessly
  5. Do not be afraid to disagree
  6. Never be too busy for the other one
  7. Not punished
  8. Accept honest criticism
  9. Admit, if you are not right
  10. Support each other when things get difficult
  11. Live in the moment, be present
  12. Leave the past where it belongs
  13. Let the drama go
  14. Tried to let go
  15. Do not compare – you are both unique
  16. Celebrate your differences
  17. Communicates openly and honestly
  18. Listen carefully
  19. Not rated
  20. Do not manipulate
  21. Learn and grow
  22. Do not try to change each other
  23. Do not condemn the other’s friends and family
  24. Trust your instincts, but do not be paranoid
  25. Strives for balance and not for power
  26. Give each other space to breathe and grow
  27. Have fun and laugh together
  28. Be best friends
  29. Do not play games
  30. Make many compliments
  31. Discover each other
  32. Be attentive and try to understand what is not said
  33. Give yourself at least one affectionate gesture every day
  34. Have sex
  35. Be loyal to each other
  36. Accepts change
  37. Reconcile before going to bed
  38. Give and take without counting
  39. Be grateful
  40. Familiar

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