5 fantastic ideas for your girl vacation

Finally spend some time undisturbed with your best friends. Why not take the chance and make a girl’s holiday out of it? Here you will find great ideas and travel destinations.

girls holiday

Whether you are a couple or a larger group – tastes and needs are different. One would like to lie on the beach with a good book while others stroll through the city. We have great tips and ideas for you on how you can spend your holidays – with relaxation, culture and many great shared experiences. There is something for everyone.

1. Wellness once oriental

We gladly use a trip with the friends for a few wellness days. A refreshing face mask, a cleansing body scrub and a soothing back massage … one day could be worse! Instead of a hotel with the usual wellness program (which of course is fun) you can also try a hammam . In the oriental bath house you let it go well with brush and soap foam massages, relaxed afterwards still a little in rest rooms, in which you can order also tea and delicious fruit.

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Hammams are not only in Turkey, but also in many places in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Perfect for a girls short break.

2. Asanas and surfing under the sun

One day (plus many, many more) by the sea recharges the batteries: relax, let the sun shine in your face, chat with friends and enjoy a few cocktails in the evening – wonderful. For the girls who like to get active in between, a yoga and surf trip is the perfect choice! Start your day relaxing with a yoga session, enjoy the sunset on the water and then end the day with the girls on the beach and have a picnic. A yoga and surf combination is offered in Portugal, Sri Lanka and Fuerteventura, among others.

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3. Canoe trip in Scandinavia

You may like mountains, but hiking is not your thing? You do not have to do without a beautiful landscape, even from the water, mountains are beautiful! And best of all: you can paddle! Because the beautiful scenery you can on a canoe trip, z. In Sweden or Norway, and enjoy nature to the full – away from hectic cities. The tours are often offered for one or two weeks, shared barbecues included ❤️.

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4. Pure Culture in the City

Barcelona is beautiful, Amsterdam is awesome too – but how about something different? Enjoy a great girl’s vacation in cities that are not (yet) visited by everyone else – and most of all at the same time – Here are a few destinations worth visiting:

If you can not decide, you can do the other thing for you …

< h2> 5th Adventure, we’re coming!

You love adventure? Then try so-called blind booking. What is that? These are surprise trips where you do not know the destination before! You choose in advance a few thematic orientations (outdoor, relaxation, art, etc.) and how you want to travel – and then the adventure can start soon. Which city is it? And in which country anyway? You will learn this only at the airport. Let’s surprise you …

Wherever your journey goes this year, here are some more great ideas: Travel Tips from Tehran to Shiraz , the best tips for Menorca and Bike tour through Canada .

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