5 nonsensical health tips that do more harm than good

Do you also know these self-appointed health coaches who give you health advice without asking? We’ll tell you which tips you can knock into the bin.

5 nonsensical health tips that do more harm than good
5 nonsensical health tips that do more harm than good

1. You can not eat enough of fruit
Um, no, that’s not true. Of course, we know that fruit is healthy. It is not for nothing that the German Society for Nutrition (DGE) recommends two servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables per day as part of “5 a day”.

However, if you eat too many fruits, you should be prepared, because: In large quantities, fructose can cause gastrointestinal discomfort, and it also drives up the calorie count. The fruit acid also attacks the tooth enamel, which is why you should never brush your teeth directly after eating fruit.

2. Hot lemon helps with colds
If you have a cold, you often hear the saying, “Just have a hot lemon drink – it always helps.” Unfortunately, this drink is not quite as helpful, because the citrus fruit contains only a small amount of vitamin C, which destroys the virus and boosts the immune system. In addition, the heat quickly destroys the contained vitamin C. Kiwis and sea buckthorn are more suitable as vitamin suppliers.

3. Eggs increase cholesterol levels
For a long time it was said that one should eat only one egg a week – after all, these increase the cholesterol level. A thesis that is now under scrutiny. There are around 400 milligrams of cholesterol in a chicken egg, only half of it is absorbed by the body. This means that the value was significantly overestimated years ago.

For example, we use much more cholesterol with saturated fats that are in sausage or butter. If you want to be on the safe side, stick to the recommendation of the DGE, which considers a moderate consumption of two to three eggs per week reasonable.

4. Vegetarian food is automatically healthy too
Vegetarian food is automatically healthy too? Not necessarily. For convenience, new veggies often turn to convenience foods and sweets – and THAT is not necessarily healthy. “Pudding vegetarians” are those people who eat vegetarian food according to formal criteria, but prefer foods with low nutrient density. If you want to become veggie, you should be intensively familiar with this diet before.

5. Protect your back with tension
You are often tense or have pain in the back? Then do not make the mistake and follow the dusty advice to save your back. Only with movement can blockages be resolved and pain treated. Good is, for example, the tennis ball massage, where you place a tennis ball between the back and wall and then slowly moves you up and down. But also swimming and regular walks are an advantage if you suffer from tension.

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