5 signs that others have too much power over you

You do not let anyone talk you into it? Top! Then these five signals should not tell you anything …

Let us not fool ourselves: we all live in a different way, and not too close. The social ideal of beauty tells us what we want to look like, the prices in the supermarket and in online shopping portals determine how much we want to earn, and if someone criticizes us or turns us on dumb, it tempts us at least briefly.

We are social beings and live in a community with common values, rules and, yes, somehow goals (if they are so great, of course, is the constant question …). All of us can / must, however, see to it that sooner or later we will find ourselves within the scope of these guidelines. That we develop an identity that makes us and z. B. Security in our decisions. Then, after all, we can feel good without having to live up to the ideal of beauty, do not necessarily have to have the new trend parts every season and can laugh about it when others stupidly come to us. Are you on a good way? See for yourself …

5 signs that others have too much power over you

1. You are stressed by things you have to do

No time for you? Funny … is your life! If you have the feeling of having to do things that you should ask why exactly do you do these things you absolutely. Does anyone require it from you? Do you want to keep up with someone? Or impress someone? All these are not good reasons to do anything, because they are not your reasons.

2. You always try to convince others of your opinion

Irritated, if someone has a different opinion than you? Or does it drive you completely insane? Hmm, that should make you think. After all, you could theoretically agree with what you think, no matter what others think. If that’s hard for you, there are actually only two possibilities: you are not convinced of your own opinion (maybe because it’s not really yours …) or the opinion of others is more important to you than your own. Does not speak either just for a particularly mature identity, to be honest.

3. You do everything to avoid conflicts

Just do not offend? Just do not attract attention – it could be negative? Phew, let someone else write a wish list on how best to behave. If you follow your path, you will inevitably get in the way of somebody – because he follows his path. Of course you can avoid clashes at any price. But then you make your way past those of the others. If that’s enough self-determination for you, okay.

4. You often justify yourself

Do you really like to explain your decisions to others? Or your mistakes? Sure, otherwise they would not understand her! But you know something: they do not have to! Nobody needs to understand or approve of what you are doing to make it right. Your decisions, unless others are directly affected, only affect you, as well as your mistakes and what you learn from them. If anyone wants to understand you, he can ask you. If you declare yourself unasked, the image that others have of you is obviously more important than (or directly related to) your self-image.

5. You feel guilty for no reason

Sometimes you have a bad conscience and do not really know why? If you B. can not manage your planned work because something urgent has come up? Or because you ordered pizza instead of salad? To whom do you have a guilty conscience? But hardly you! If you were to put yourself and your well first, you would know that you acted rightly by giving priority to the urgency. You have boundaries and can not do everything and to respect that is only wise. And pizza … if you’re up to it! Many feelings of guilt arise because we subordinate others to expectations that they often do not even have, first of all, and that, secondly, they have to tell us when they have them. Either way, meeting other people’s (unspoken) expectations is not your job!

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