5 thoughts that self-confident women have every day

Confident is equal arrogant? Nope, not at all! With these thoughts, you will encounter everyday life with a healthy self-esteem. Best start today!

Yes, of course, they exist: these off-beat women (or men) who consider themselves the “Queen of fucking everything” and who let their fellow human beings feel as well. By always emphasizing how good they are and how bad the others are. Of course nobody wants to mutate. But have you ever wondered what you can do to give your self-esteem a little push up? Self-confident women always recall 5 thoughts: if you integrate these guiding principles into your everyday life, you will soon feel an improvement. Hand it!

1. I know what I can do

If you do not know, how should the others know? Every (really everyone!) Person has talents. If it helps you, write your 3 best attributes on a piece of paper and stick them to the bathroom mirror or other place you visit often. Just a reminder: Has nothing to do with arrogance, but with positive conditioning!

2. I am not alone

Self-confident people can do it all alone? That’s not true! They only know where and how to get the best help! And they also dare to use them without any false shame.

3. I do not have to please everyone

Supreme motto of self-confident people – and not so easy to live by. But once you get rid of the “Everybody’s Darling” claim, you will quickly become more confident. What is important is that you remain authentic – and never treat other people with disrespect.

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4. No is a normal word

And that's why you can use it! You hold up too much work? You expect too much from you? You put yourself under pressure? Stop - the solution word is NO!

5. I am worth being loved

Self-confidence is not the only driver of success in the job. Even in love life, a good dose of self-esteem is essential. No matter if looking for a partner or in a relationship: this principle can only do good. You find it hard to believe the mantra itself? Then ask friends, family or your partner why you are adorable. You will surely get many, great answers!

And how often should I have the thoughts?

As often as it feels good for you. Write them down on small pieces of paper, on the hand, on your desktop background - remember your guidelines daily. You're worth it! ❤️

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