5 tips on how your single life ends quicker than you would lik

Dating is sometimes frustrating! But if you use only a few little tricks, you can not decide at all in the end because of all your relationship appointees …

Single? You should absolutely enjoy this – as long as you still can! But we would only small changes in Dating and Dating cause your Future is faster on the mat than you think …

5 tips that could stop your single life abruptly

1. Take the first step

How many times have you found a guy interesting and hoped in vain that he might appeal to you? If the answer to that is one or more, you’ll definitely make finding a partner difficult! Of course, as women often annoy us when we talk to guys we do not want. But it happens to men – thx to ancient times and habits – rather rarely that a lady approaches them and says: “Hey, you have very expressive eyes, I would like to know what’s behind it.” Most of them would be flattered, impressed – and most likely interested in having a drink with such a confident woman. Provided of course, they are also single …

2. Change “prey scheme”

Speaking of guys, finding something interesting: Give somebody a chance that you’d rather exclude . Someone who is not like your exes, your dad or your last failed flirting attempts. We are all focusing our attention more on the familiar (incidentally, the retro-error plays a role, by the way), but if it has not been successful so far – is it perhaps not the right one? Just swipe someone to the right, which you would have swiped to the left earlier and see what happens. In the worst case, you’ll expand your circle of habits with a flop – in the best you’ll be pleasantly surprised. But in any case you enrich your dating horizon.

3. Lower claims to love

You have to be very strong now, because: All this romance-nonsense from the love movies, where two people accidentally flee to the same phone booth in the rain and stay together for a lifetime, is not the reality. In fact, we do not really know if lifelong love or feelings of togetherness are in fact so natural, important or desirable. Finally, there is the concept that two people pledge allegiance and so on for fifty or more years, only for a couple of decades (formerly, people were not so old, women without men had little opportunity to make a living, or it was on “a good match” value).

So, in the future, do not ask your potential partner immediately if you can imagine your life with him, but if he would enrich your current life . Enlarged guarantees the chance that it will inadvertently create true love over time

4. Be open in all directions

Relationship willing singles usually go all similar ways: They are looking for new acquaintances, obvious way about dating portals, apps (like Pickable ) or coupling concepts such as Face-2-Face-Dating . But why wander into the distance, if the good is perhaps so close? Have you ever clarified with your best buddy why you are only friends? Or is the reason you ended up with your one ex at that time still up to date? Maybe you can imagine a relationship with a woman ? Just think awkwardly – and you’ll be amazed what a great field of possibilities there really is in front of you.

5. Love your single life and yourself

Even if you do not like to hear (and probably for the umpteenth time): As long as you are not satisfied with you and your life as a single, the Dating has little meaning and even the best advice will help you a little . Only with sufficient self-love can you really be open and tolerant of others. Only when you are happy alone can you be with someone out of love instead of out of fear (or other specific needs). People feel that they are relaxed, happy and ready to love. And they feel that you are tense, desperate and “needy”. The former is attractive to those who are interested in a relationship with you. The latter at most for people who want to take advantage of you. Therefore, the most important advice of all is as mentioned earlier: Enjoy your single life as long as you can !

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