5 topics about which happy couples argue

Happy couples quarrel? Sure, of course! Or did you think they merge into one person and suddenly agree on everything? Where – even then …

Maybe you know it from personal experience: Even in the happiest partnerships is argued – in some even quite a lot (depending on the temperament and character of the participants!). After all, two partners, even if they love each other heartily, remain two independent people with their own minds and interests – conflicts are inevitable. In some cases, it can even be a sign of confidence to argue openly and honestly, because the partners are showing that they know exactly: Our bond is strong enough and our relationship can handle it.

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Wörter im Streit: Paar sitzt auf Couch

5 topics about which happy couples argue

1. "Oh no, not another missionary!"

Daily, weekly, irregular, oral? Sexual preferences are very individual, especially with partners of different sex, the wishes are often quite different, so that one or the other dispute helps or is necessary to find a common denominator. If you've never quarreled with your partner about sex, you might want to ask yourself if the harmony in bed is real - or if the other one might not get his money's worth ...

2. "What do you think about this kitsch ?!"

Sci-Fi or comedy, Italian or Thai, beach or mountains - tastes are different and nunmal usually try both partners to assert themselves with their taste in recreational planning, furnishings and Co. now and then. However, unlike unbalanced partnerships, the one who has given in is not particularly hard afterwards to admit that the Thai curry was also pretty tasty - and to remember that the sweetheart in mate choice is a very good one Taste has proven ...

3. "Why do not you throw the money right out the window ?!"

Anyone who does not exactly mean Croesus or Gates, or who strictly separates their finances in the partnership , will not be able to avoid having to deal with the partner for what the common money is spent. Does the new mattress really have to be straight? Why spend coal for the stadium when looking at home is much more comfortable? Are finally relevant questions, but the good thing: Two heads are often even a more sensible solution than one alone - even if it smokes and hisses ...

4. "Can not you help me once?"

It is relatively rare and unlikely for two people to meet (and love each other) who have exactly the same standards of cleanliness and orderliness . That's why one usually does more in the household and has to ask the others to do it more often. And - depending on the mood of both parties involved - this sounds neither nice nor is it always done ...

5. "That's why you do not need to scream like that!"

Yes, that's right, even happy couples usually have to work hard on their ways of dealing and communicating (including quarrels). How often should I contact you? With what do I hurt the other unintentionally? How do we best calm down after a fight? Misunderstandings are inevitable and most people first have to learn how to handle them. So if partners can talk about everything and their relationship to us is largely harmonious, that's often the result of trial and error ...

You want to know more about dispute in the relationship ? We'll tell you how to properly argue and how to end a fight in one word when it gets too much for you.

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