6 sentences that are more important than “I love you”

“I love you” is a wonderful confession of love. But there are sentences that are even more important to the relationship. The most beautiful examples you see in the video above!

“I love you”, “Ti amo”, “Je t’aime”, “I love you” … most couples say the magical three words to each other after about five months. Even love movies almost never come without the magical three words (or do you know one?).

In everyday life, however, we often hear phrases that describe much more precisely what the other person feels. No hackneyed love spells, but authentic love proof! And if you think carefully, they are even more valuable than the typical “I love you”.

Because even if you do not constantly hear “I love you”, you can definitely feel loved. Through deeds, gestures – and sentences that, although they consist of other words, but are still great love proofs.

You are my number 1

Job, mother, father, sister, friends, yoga, football … Everybody needs more than just a relationship. However, it should not amount to the partner running “alongside”. “You are the most important!” is therefore an elementary proposition for love. And one of the most beautiful love ways.

I want you as you are

The other one can only talk perfectly in the first infatuation. After that it turns out that sometimes he is also vulnerable, embarrassing or different than you would like to be. Whoever can say “I want you the way you are” proves that he is concerned with his partner and not just with his own wish fulfillment.

I trust you

Only when we trust the other can we open ourselves. The phrase “I trust you” shows that we are ready to scrap the nuclear safety system around our hearts. This requires more courage than a “I love you”.

I forgive you

In love, we will always hurt ourselves, writes couple therapist Oskar Holzberg in his columns . Who can forgive, gives himself and the other new opportunities. A real proof of love.

I respect you

Strangely enough, many people respect everything and everyone around them, but with their partner, they behave pejoratively. Just why? Those who can say “I respect you” and live that way do it better than many others.

I protect you

Even if we can actually protect ourselves quite well – this sentence triggers security. This can be a nicer feeling than a blanket “I love you”.

More of that?

These sentences are only the beginning – in the video above you can see more sentences that outshine “I love you” for many people!

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And if you need a few ideas for little love proofs in everyday life, you’ll surely find something here:

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