6 things to do every month with your partner

Habits are not always negative for the relationship. These 6 rituals work like a vitamin cure for the relationship!

1. Make joint trips

Whether in the countryside or on a city tour – once a month should be a joint outing in it. The nice thing is that you leave the familiar environment completely – and can discover something new together.

2. Spend a day in bed

Must be – at least half! Because if we are honest, the togetherness between work, children and other obligations is often too short. If you have offspring, you may be able to bring him to playmates or grandparents. It will be worthwhile in any case!

3. Cook together

Do you make too little in everyday life! One of them brings something from the snack or the other skin fix a few noodles in the cooking water. Once a month you should take time for a delicious menu. We do not come around the corner with the hackneyed saying “love goes through the stomach” – but food and love, that really fits together wonderfully!

4. Exchange compliments

“You’re great, you too, thanks!” Well, SO was not meant that way! But basically quite similar: Ask yourself regularly what you admire or love about others. You will certainly leave this conversation with a great feeling!

5. Spend an evening with friends

It really does the relationship very well to do something together with friends. Because it strengthens the togetherness feeling of being surrounded as a couple with other people. How many times have you thought about celebrations: Oh yes, I have the best man of all here!

6. Try something new

Sounds like a midnight fifteen tip. But if you think about it, that’s a real love-in-boost! Because to make new experiences with the partner – be it sexually or in other areas of life – strengthens the bond tremendously. Following the motto: What I’ve experienced with you …!

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