6 ways to bring the feeling of love back into the relationship

The relationship is not so bad, only you have not had tingling for a long time? Then it’s time to do those things!

The fact that the butterflies do not fly like that after a couple of years is quite normal. However, there should always be situations where you have tingling with your partner. Did not happen for a long time? Then you should do these supposedly trivial things more often again. Usually it’s the little things that make a big difference. Important: Repeat such actions every now and then – only then you keep the feeling of being in love .

1. Rebuild the bedroom

Now everything is done pretty! Give the bedroom a new coat of paint, buy new accessories, a new lamp … To be honest, if the love nest is cozy, you spend a lot more time in it!

2. Make small declarations of love in everyday life

A cute post-it on the fridge, a heart on the misted bathroom mirror, a chocolate on the pillow … There are a thousand ways to show yourself in between: You are close to my heart, my darling!

3. Return to the place of the first date

If that was not the Australia holiday, it’s pretty easy. Just do the same again as on the evening you kissed for the first time. The beautiful memories of those days let the butterflies fly again and will guarantee a smile on your lips.

4. Make a spontaneous love holiday

This can be a quick trip to Paris, but also just a night at the hotel around the corner. The main thing is to get out of the apartment and focus on both of you. It’s best to switch off your smartphones as well.

5. Write a love list

What do you like most about the other? Write down each one for you, why you love the partner. You’ll get at least five points together. Then you show the list to your sweetheart. She will not only flatter him, but also warm his heart and bring you closer again.

6. Stay in bed for a whole day

Breakfast in bed, sex, watch DVD, love games , fooling around, sex, eat ice cream, cuddle, order pizza. Sounds like a perfect day right? Take nothing for a Sunday and cuddle together under the blanket!

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