64 kilos slimmed down: So Josie has halved her weight

Bullying, diet, feeding attacks: Josie (18) was tired of all this. So the Australian rolled over her life completely and halved her weight in just one year.

The fact that Instagram is a mainly artificial, beautifully-filtered world is clear to users – nevertheless, the Australian Josie Desgrand made the scrolling through the feed of the app sad. Everywhere pretty, well-trained young women beamed at her. For the 18-year-old, who still weighed 127 kilos two years ago, it was hard to bear. So she shot at working on her body.


An endless cycle?

But the beginning was tough for the teenager: Josie stumbled from one unsuccessful diet to the next and often ate more frustration than before, especially fast food. In addition, she was bullied at school and had no self-confidence more. At some point she finally managed to pull the ripcord: “I went into my room and undressed except for the underwear,” Josie told the online portal Bored Panda.

“Then I took pictures of me from all angles, and I took my measures with the aid of a tape measure and wrote them down, knowing that I had a long way to go, but I wanted to capture every change, no matter how small.” The teenage girl made a pact with herself: “No longer fat Josie” she called her new weight loss project.


37 kilos without sports.

Josie changed her diet from one day to the next and ate low carb in the future, as well as completely abandoning industrial sugar and drinking more water. She sat down small goals and quickly realized that her new eating behavior had a positive effect on her body.

In addition, she got another motivator in the form of her father Mark, who joined the weight loss program without further ado. “We motivated each other and at the same time competed in a kind of competition that made us go one step further and it was great to have my dad with me,” says Josie. In this way, she gradually lost more and more weight and cut off a total of 37 kilos.


… and with a sport to the target weight

Well, with 90 kilos, Josie dared to go to the gym for the first time. “The workout gave me the last push I needed to reach my goal weight.” At the same time, Instagram once hated art world, became an inspiring network for the Australian. “I started posting the weight loss process and images of my meals on my account quickly found followers, and got lots of support from them.” And she returns: “Every night I spend an hour answering every comment because I know exactly what it’s like to be at the beginning, I want to help as many people as I can.”

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