7 cuddly positions and their meaning

How you cuddle with your partner says more about your partnership than you think. You do not cuddle at all? Oops, that’s stupid now …

Granted, you can argue about that. But let’s just sit around and say goodbye: Do not cuddle with your partner is worse than no sex! Okay, maybe that sounds a bit daring … Let’s say that in a relationship that does not get cuddled, something important seems to be missing – much like a relationship without sex …

Cuddle creates namely (similar sexual) intimacy between the partners, gives a feeling of safety and security and increases the physical well-being. In other words, whoever never cuddles with his sweetheart, missed something!

Aaaaber cuddle is not the same cuddle! According to body language experts reveals the cuddling position of two people so much about their relationship. Here are the most common positions and their meaning.

Cuddly positions and their meaning

1. spoon

This is how it works: the classic! The partners are both – almost in succession – on the same side of the body, so that the abdomen and back, front and back of the thighs, etc. touch. The “back” partner wraps around the “front” with his arms, which the front can, for example, stroke or hold.

Meaning: The partners are one! Who cuddles in the spoon, feels strongly connected with his partner and is willing to share his life with him. In this position the cuddlers complete each other, together form a whole. The little spoon signals a harmonious, balanced relationship.

2nd lap top

Here's how it works : One partner is sitting, the other is lying and putting his head ("top") in the lap of the person sitting.

Meaning: The partners can rely on each other! They are there for each other - in good times and in bad.

3. Soft Chest

Here's how it works : both partners lie together, she lays her head on his chest. If necessary, he puts his arm around her shoulder.

Meaning: trust and unconditional support! Similar to the lap-top position, the partners show up with this position, that they count on each other, and also cope.

4. Legging

Here's how it works: whether you are sitting or lying down, legging is the main way to cuddle your legs. Intertwined, one on top of another, crosswise, on top of each other or side by side (but touching) - one can do a lot with legs ...

Meaning : Together, but self-determined! Legging is typical for couples where the partners need a lot of freedom and value their independence and self-development. Nevertheless, there is an intimate connection between them - almost at every turn.

5. Face-to-face

Here's how it works : The partners lie on the side and face each other (or stand), belly to stomach, breast to breast, face to face.

Meaning: Total intimacy and attraction! You are the center of the world for one another and the only important thing in life. Especially with freshly in love a often chosen situation, but of course also in longer relations quite usual.

6. Side-by-side

Here's how it works: The lovers lie, stand or sit next to each other and put one arm around their sweetheart.

Meaning: Strong together! You are equal and give each other support. Your relationship is based on trust and self-confidence.

7. Holding hands

Here's how: No matter when, no matter where, no matter how hot - you hold hands!

Meaning: nobody can separate you! You are not only lovers, but also the best friends. Optimal condition for a long common path.

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