7 practical camping tips for a successful holiday

Get in the car and off you go to the campsite! Moooment … before you set off, you should think about a few things. We give you some practical camping tips!

7 camping tips for your trip

The well-deserved holiday is coming and you can hardly wait to travel and leave the daily grind behind. So that everything goes smoothly at camping, we give you a few helpful tips – so nothing stands in the way of the most beautiful time of the year.

1. Check conditions for a trip abroad

Not only in Germany , but also abroad, great travel destinations are waiting to be discovered. If you have decided on a country, inform yourself whether you need a visa , an extra health insurance , a vignette , etc. And: See also the weather forecast!

2. Collect information about the campsite

Wild tents are not allowed in many countries in Europe, although partially tolerated. On the safe side you are with a campsite . Inform yourself about the directions, the environment, the house rules, shopping possibilities and the equipment (is there eg a kitchen?), So that there are no unpleasant surprises.

3. Test the equipment – before!

One of the most important camping tips! Nothing is more annoying than finally arriving after a (longer) journey and then finding out that the tent is broken or the camp stove is not working, or or or … Check the equipment in advance , and you’ll soon see if something is happening Important is missing. So that you do not forget anything, you will find a packing list for camping here (also for printing and checking off).

4. Take the right tent with you

Tent is not the same tent! If you are camping for the first time, you should first think about which tent is suitable. Are you two of you, four of you or are you traveling alone? Family tent, ultralight tent, dungeon or tunnel tent? You see, the selection is huge . Let yourself be advised in the shop, which tent is right for you and your camping holiday. The same applies of course for caravans or motorhomes.

5. Plan the food

On campsites, there is often a restaurant – which is often hopelessly crowded. But it does not matter! For many people own barbecue anyway before camping! In addition to barbecue things you should think of a few basics , such as pasta or rice, coffee or tea, a few canned and above all: water! More tips in the camping packing list, see point 3. And here you will find delicious camping recipes .

6. Think about the activities

You have already seen a lot of the environment, at the campsite, there are hardly any recreational opportunities or the classic: The weather is bad! Yes, it can get boring at a campsite. Make a plan for activities beforehand – for good and bad weather . Pack board games, ball games, crossword puzzles and books. Especially if you travel with children, you should take a game collection (or whatever the children are interested in).

7. Taking care of other campers

In order to work with the neighbor as well, a considerate approach is required. This includes: to pay attention to the volume – especially in the evening – to respect the space limits and also to greet each other. Most of the time it does not take long to get in touch with other campers – after all, you have the same passion! And maybe soon the first invitation to the barbecue party will follow – or you invite 😉.

Instead of camping in the woods, you prefer to camp at a festival? Great as well! With the right festival packing list packing is very easy.

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