7 things that no longer want to hear Ü35 women with children's desire!

Actually, our society has become much more liberal when it comes to pregnancy Ü35. In everyday life, however, Ü35 women still get something to hear. 7 sentences that you can save yourself!

The days when you got pregnant in the early 20s are long gone. The German average for the first pregnancy is about 30 years. But what about the women who are “already” over 35, wanting to have children but still have none? They are still looked at crooked or perforated with always the same questions. These seven sentences no longer want to hear women Ü35:

1. “You belong then to the mothers of advanced age …”

In English there is the name “Advanced Metering Age”, short AMA. This refers to women who are 35 plus x years old and only then become pregnant for the first time. In German, just the translation of “advanced age” is wide for those mothers. But to describe indirectly a mid-thirties as “old” is somehow absurd! This stamp, which is the Ü35-pregnant is printed, is not charming and can be safely deleted from the vocabulary – thanks!

2. “You can be artificially fertilized …”

Please what?! With 35 you are not yet in the menopause – there is the fertilization even in a natural way. You can safely save this pseudo-advice! Of course, from a statistical point of view, it is no longer as fast as with 25. But you do not have to go directly from the worst!

3. “So late, then you’re almost retired when your child is out of the house …”

Thank you for calculating – irony off. Ü35 mothers is already clear that time does not stop when they have a child. And that they may be really close to 70 when the kid is celebrating his 30th birthday. And no, it’s actually not the nicest aspect of a late pregnancy – but not the most important! Then you’re already retired when the child graduates or just turns 30 – so you just have more time to organize the party!

4. “I would rather have my children early …”

Yes, congratulations! This has not escaped the over 35-year-old. And that’s totally okay – every woman, every couple should make the decision individually for themselves. Children get or work? It is a matter of one’s own priorities – and everyone has to set that for themselves. Just as it is okay for a woman to become a young mother, it should be okay for a woman to decide to become pregnant until she is in her late thirties. So if young mothers are already making this uninvited comment, then without the reproachful undertone!

5. “Remember the risks of late pregnancy …”

Yes, Ü35 women who want to have children actually do that even if they are not instigated by others. Already clear: From 35, the risk of gestational diabetes, chromosomal abnormalities and Co. increases presumably know Ü35 women with a desire for children even better about possible risks, than those who want to “encourage thinking”. But with this sentence you do not calm the affected woman and do not stop the time. It is a phrase that you can save yourself, because it only causes one thing: One bad feeling in Ms. Ü35. Please: Stop it!

6. “Will you still have enough energy for a child?”

Whether you can raise enough energy for a child is not necessarily a matter of age, but a matter of personality, maturity, health and fitness. Especially nowadays, some 40-year-old active vegetarians are often more energetic than 20-year-old sport-avoiding fast food junkies. Making a connection between the age of the mother and the energy for the child is therefore not very logical. In addition Ü35 is not synonymous with 70! Those who are in their late thirties do not need a crutch and may even be more energetic than younger people, as they are now more concerned with nutrition and health.

7. “Star XY has just had her first child – over 50! Unbelievable …”

Yes, women often get their first child late. And again and again, it still makes headlines when these women are in the public interest. But why still this shock? This latent condemnation? The accompanying statement that it would be irresponsible to give birth to a baby so late (in any way whatsoever) can also be passed on to very young mothers who are not yet down to earth but already have children. Mutual accusations do not make sense – so you can save yourself from the outset …

Videotipp: Brigitte Nielsen – pregnant with 54 years

Schauspielerin Brigitte Nielsen ist schwanger

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