7 travel hacks that save you money and still have fun

A cocktail on the beach without staying in a luxury hotel? Sightseeing for free? Eating delicious without becoming poor? With these savings tips it works.

Of course, traveling with the bags full of money is a pleasant thing: you sleep in the most beautiful hotels, eat in the best restaurants, and while shopping, you can buy whatever you want. Unfortunately that is the least of us granted.

On the other hand, we all know that the value of a journey depends not on the budget, but on the experiences, the rest and the encounters with other people. And even with a small holiday fund you can enjoy comfort and luxury, if you know how it’s done.

7 tips to get the most out of your vacation budget:

  1. Travel to less popular places: why are Venice, Mauritius and Switzerland so expensive? Among other things, because everyone wants to go there. It can be used by tourism professionals and local entrepreneurs to call up lunar prices. People come anyway. If you travel to less trendy places, you get a lot more for your money – without having to queue. Trieste instead of Venice, Slovenia instead of Switzerland, Madagascar instead of Mauritius .
  2. Use the mid season : Sure, the peak season is the most expensive and should therefore be avoided as much as possible. In the off-season, however, it can happen that you are sitting in the hotel room, freezing, pulling the blanket up to your chin. The cheapest is the mid season: now with luck you have similar good climatic conditions as in the high season, but pays less for the holiday.
  3. Looking for new hotels : Newly opened hotels rely on attracting guests and satisfying them 100 percent for the word to spread. It may be worthwhile to look for new openings and even call there to ask for special opening deals.
  4. Book & Fly at the Right Moment : You should buy your ticket as early as possible – if the selection is large and the machines are still empty. Both have a positive effect on prices. Another tip: apparently Sunday is the cheapest day to book. And: The chance of an upgrade is greatest during the holiday season, when the economy class is in high demand, while places in the business class remain empty (here are more tips for cheap airline tickets ).
  5. Stop by the tourist office: The tourist office is just for vacationers who need to be taken by the hand? Go anyway! The people there are knowledgable and know exactly what bargains there are, where free events take place and how to get the cheapest from A to B.
  6. Take the happy hour at the luxury hotel : You can not afford five stars? We neither. But we can sit in the bar of a fancy luxury hotel or take it to the hotel garden and happy hour. Almost always there are a few excellent snacks to drink.
  7. Food where the locals are : The hotel restaurant may look tempting, the trendy burger eatery in Hawaiian style too, but if you want cheap, good and authentic food, you should go where the locals eat. Just talk to some people in the street who you like and ask them for their recommendation. If you do not speak the language, consult your hosts – hotel staff or landlords.

Videotipp: So you get with luck in the plane a free upgrade!

So einfach bekommst du im Flugzeug ein Gratis-Upgrade

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