8 Habits that do not even arise in healthy relationships

You and your sweetheart argue a lot? Do not worry, that does not have to be a bad sign! In contrast to these eight habits …

Granted, strife is not pretty and of course, constant quarrels in the relationship may indicate that the partners just do not fit together. However, what matters is how and what is argued about – and how to get along again. In any case there is controversy in EVERY partnership, even in a healthy, balanced, stable. Similarly, there may be periods in happy and long-term relationships where the partners are less inclined to have sex – or even sleep in separate beds for a while. However, most of the reasons for concern are the following habits and behaviors, as they indicate that something fundamental is not right in the partner’s emotional connection.

8 behaviors that you rarely observe in healthy relationships

1. Mutual blame

In healthy partnerships, both partners take responsibility when they make mistakes. They are blamed for their own fault, because they know and trust that the other will forgive them if they only apologize sincerely and appropriately. Mutual blame is therefore neither necessary nor common in a healthy relationship.

2. Compete with the partner

Competition may (but perhaps only!) Stimulate business – but in the relationship it has lost absolutely nothing! Happy partners see themselves as a team, not as opponents. In addition, they feel no pressure to prove themselves to their teammates or to defend themselves – because he just gives them the good feeling of being lovable and perfect as they are.

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3. Take revenge

Even in healthy relationships, partners sometimes hurt themselves - but they never try to compensate for their injuries by inflicting a wound on the other. They know that their partner is sorry and that he himself suffers from his guilt. And that helps to forgive better than any kind of revenge and retaliation.

4. Hide feelings

Even in healthy relationships there are secrets - but feelings are not one of them! On the contrary, happy couples often use their feelings as a basis for communication in order to communicate with their partner. B. to give feedback and to work on their partnership. After all, even a happy relationship does not work by itself!

5. Brackets

In healthy partnerships, partners can leave each other space because they trust each other. Braces are usually a sign of uncertainty - and that's always a bad condition for a relationship.

6. Insult and ridicule

Purposefully insult the partner or even mock at others? For happy couples who love and respect each other, totally outlandish! After all, they are not together to value themselves by reducing their partner, but because they are doing each other good - by strengthening each other (in general)!

7. Give yourself up for the partner

Anyone who believes that love always means putting oneself and one's own ideas back in the relationship is mistaken. In healthy partnerships, both partners live self-determined and self-fulfilling and still support each other. Sounds difficult? It may be true - but true love makes it possible.

8. Check the partner

Snooping the treasure or questioning it carefully to expose possible lies? Fortunately, happy couples do not need it! After all, trust is the basis of any healthy relationship - and control in this case is definitely not better.

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