8 reasons why your sweetheart ignores you – or does it feel like it for you …

If you write to him, will he never answer you immediately? About your jokes, almost everyone laughs except him? Maybe one of these eight reasons is behind it …

Sometimes we see it in celebrity couples when they perform somewhere together, sometimes we experience it in our own relationship: one of the partners does not seem to give his sweetheart nearly the attention he deserves. Being one of those treasures can be quite unsettling. Did I do something wrong? Am I nervous about him? Does he have any respect for me?

Sorry that we are saying this so hard, but honestly, can be anything! But there are also “harmless” reasons behind his behavior that have nothing to do with you …

Sätze vor dem Seitensprung

8 possible reasons why your partner shows you the cold shoulder

1. He feels overwhelmed by the situation.

On the highway missed the departure, late at the security control to the gate, general stress or just too many people to whom he wants to meet. In some situations, people are overwhelmed and some respond to it by hiding anything that is not quite as acute - even or even just the person they otherwise pay the most attention to in life.

2. You are too much for him.

Sounds awful at first, but a cold shoulder can also be a simple protection mechanism against the person who gets it. But now for all love (and injured vanity): Are not we all annoyed now and again by someone, even if we love him from the bottom of our hearts? Taking back a little helps in this case often to attract attention.

3. He has a bad conscience.

Oh oh, does anyone want to postpone a confession? The best way to test that is with an innocent, cautious question such as "Can you tell me something?". His reaction, even if it is "no," will tell you something. At least if at least YOU are aware of him.

4. He would like to attack you ...

Maybe your sweetheart purposely distracts you, because he's totally crazy about you, you're beastly biting him - and it would just be quite inappropriate for him to rip your clothes off and start the wild smooching ... man, man, Man, you make it hard for him, too! 😘

5. You hurt or insulted him.

Some speak out openly when they are offended, others pout and eat it in themselves. If your sweetheart belongs more to the second category, can ask once if you have hurt him, possibly help.

6. You make him weak or nervous.

Especially when you are with people your partner usually meets alone or who know him as a single, it may be that he wants to maintain a different role from them than the one he plays in your relationship. Some people find it difficult to reconcile two different roles, so they choose one of them - mostly for those they are more used to and feel safer with. Not necessarily in the ones you prefer!

7. He wants to tell you something, but it's hard for him.

Maybe your sweetheart wants to get rid of something important for him, but is not yet 100% ready - and that can be both positive and negative. To help him out there, it would probably be ideal to ignore his ignoring - or to follow your own feelings!

8. He does not respect you.

If he ignores you again and again and you simply can not find any explanations, unfortunately, there is also a lack of respect behind it. In that case, the thing is clear: anyone who does not appreciate you did not deserve you! 🙋♀️

Important ! With all understanding and even if your sweetheart may have human reasons for his behavior: You should never accept that he hurt you with it. And just as you try to understand him, you can ask him to understand you and respond to you. After all, you are not there to make his life as easy and enjoyable as possible, but to make your life as good as possible!

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