8 typical problems of people who have experienced too little love as a child

Anyone who has not received enough affection in their childhood often struggles to assert themselves for a lifetime – and is usually well-versed in these eight problems …

It’s true: We are all different and are characterized by so many factors and influences that no one could ever predict or explain our behavior with certainty. But on one point, we all tick the same: we need love and appreciation, especially as children. After all, those who do not feel loved as a child often struggle to value themselves for a lifetime. And that often makes itself felt in a similar way in the affected people: 

1. They have a hard time setting limits.

People with low self-esteem often find it very difficult to say “no” and make it clear that they are tormenting something, they do not want or can not do something.

2. They feel guilty when they think of themselves.

On the other hand, they immediately feel guilty about their own needs and interests. Mostly they let others go first and put themselves back.  

3. They have difficulty opening.

They can hardly look into the cards, let alone into the soul. If you come too close, they tend to retire even more – because that someone is interested in them, makes them in principle suspicious.

4. They are very anxious.

A wrong decision, an embarrassing question, public transport – people with a lack of self-esteem are disproportionately afraid of many things. Also, relationship anxiety is not atypical. And if they do not do anything about it, it tends to get worse over time …

5. They have problems trusting others.

Why should others want them good? Those who do not love themselves assume that others do not. 

6. They are very afraid of rejection.

To go to others? Not! That leads only to rejection and in turn to disappointment. As a child who has not experienced enough love and affection, most of the adults lack the courage to approach others.  

7. They feel lonely and isolated.

There is no one to whom they are important, who are close to their hearts or who could trust themselves – so they believe! 

8. They have a tendency to unhealthy relationships.

Even if they are treated badly by their partner and the relationship does not suit them, people with low self-esteem often cling to it – because they themselves do not believe in having earned anything better.


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