8 Women reveal: These little things make a man a better partner

The perfect partner? Nobody wants to! Sometimes a better one would be enough … 😅 In “Reddit”, women shared what they felt was needed.

Already clear, relationships are hard work, people are highly complex and then the stars have to stand properly, so that it harmonizes between two partners. But are not there some simple ways and means by which both sides can do their part to do something for the partnership?

According to a “reddit” thread , yes. In it many women have shared what a man could do to be a good or better partner. Here are eight pieces of advice that we may actually consider quite feasible in some circumstances – and at least some of them apply to women as well … 😉

8 little things that men can do to be a better partner

1. Hug

“Just take your partner in the arm every now and then – for no reason.”

2. compliments

“Assure her of your love and affection by saying nice things, qualities that you appreciate about her, ‘you are so …’, ‘I love that you do that’, anything that shows that she is the one Best for you. “

3. Inspire yourself

Nothing kills the mood as much as a man tries to be cool – instead of freaking out when he feels like it – seeing a guy love his interests is magical! “

4th surprise!

“Just take a look – remember something she told you, and pick it up later.”

5. Keep the tone

“Communicating instead of quarreling, I’ve made a pact with myself, never to be with a person who does not make an effort to communicate with me, that has paid off immensely, and I’m super happy with a wonderful man, with that I never quarrel, whereas my previous relationships have often been aggressive and toxic, I’m not saying it’s normal to never get ripped off, but it’s certainly not normal to scream and argue as everyday to accept. “

6. appreciation

“Confirmation and appreciation work wonders!”

7. Be “you-related”

“I sometimes feel like my friend is very self-centered, of course you want to do all the general goodies stuff like show interest in their lives, support them and be nice and warm, etc. But really get to know them, find out what she likes, what is important to her, what is her love language, what are the things that can take your relationship to the next level, be attentive, get to know your partner and invest in her! “

8. Record

“Dear men, please write.

  • Be neat, clean and hygienic
  • Hugs us and cuddles without pushing for sex
  • Listen and remember what she says
  • Say nice things that you like about her
  • Do not have sex with other women
  • Share your feelings (probably the hardest of them all) “

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