9 divorcees share shocking reasons for their separation

Love for a person makes us forgive many things – but when the measure is full, it is full. Nine divorced people tell us what made their keg to overflow.

Lived apart, lull in bed, more bickering than romance and the feelings are no longer true – whoever mentions this as a reason for separation generally meets with understanding as far as possible. After all, a relationship should ideally enrich our lives and not make them harder. Suffice it already times “little things”, which in everyday life constantly on the mood to press each other to say Ciao. At the Whisper revelation platform , many divorcees shared their reasons for marrying out – and for some, one can only hope that they are big exceptions!

Beziehungsangst: Pärchen am Strand

9 divorcees share their stark reasons for separation

1. Holy tears

"After 13 years of mistreatment, that one moment for me was overflowing when I sat in the car crying with my children, while my husband was screaming at us from outside - on a church holiday ..."

2. Violence against son

"He beat our son, beating me was one thing, but my baby and me was a border crossing."

3. Affair in the marriage bed

"I caught him at our home in red-handed with another woman Yep ... that's why I filed the divorce."

4th Sex addiction?

"He sexually molested my little girl and tricked me with prostitutes while I was pregnant."

5. Counseling resistance

"I suggested a couple therapy and he laughed at me, so I got a divorce and if he does not want to work on the marriage, why should I stay?"

6. A telling reproach ...

"Once again we quarreled when he said to my son and me, 'Why can not you just make me happy?' We're not here to make him happy, I've had enough of this trouble. "

7. Affair extreme

"My husband betrayed me while our son was fighting cancer, which made my cask overrun."

8. Lack of respect

"He told me I was just using him in bed, so I knew it was time for the divorce."

9. Big bankruptcy

"He applied for numerous credit cards and teased them without my knowing."

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