9 good mood facts that are guaranteed to build you

Mies on it? Can happen! Fortunately, the world has enough fun-beautiful truths that can make us laugh. To name just nine examples …

Penguins have extra cold feet – so the ice underneath does not melt and they do not freeze. Also, heat and energy loss are minimized. The idiosyncratic gait of the flightless birds does the rest: In groups, penguins predominantly balance on their heels, to keep the contact area with the ice as small as possible.

Toddlers are called in English “toddler “, which derives from the verb “toddle” = waver, wavering. Thus, little children in the English language are basically referred to as “Watschler” or “waddling people”.

Sea otters are among the most intelligent animals and use stones as tools, for. As shellfish or crabs crack. But that's not all: the cute martens have been watched several times (and filmed) juggling with a rock – apparently for fun. Some otters even seem to have a favorite stone that they keep for a lifetime . Sea otters can store their tools and / or play equipment in bags that they make with their fur.

The Pringles can was invented by chemist and food packaging developer Fred Baur. The American was so proud of his patent that some of his ashes were buried after his death in the year 2008 at his own request in a Pringles packaging )

Just like us, manatees must occasionally allow intestinal winds to escape and puff! But the marine mammals are controlled and clever: Would you like to dive deeper, d. H. If, on the other hand, it pulls it to the surface, use the buoyancy of its inner air cushion and avoid puffing .

The US Supreme Court is located in Washington DC and is also called “the highest court of the country” by many Americans. However, insiders do NOT refer to it as the Supreme Court: There is a basketball court on the 5th floor of the building, which is exactly one floor above the highest courtroom. As a basketball court in English is also called “court”, connoisseurs do not associate judgments with the “highest court”, but dribbles and 3-point throws .

Hermit crabs love to take sea anemones as a subtenant , as they can keep off wonderful nasty enemies with their poisonous stinging nettle cells. The immovable hollow animal in turn sees in the luggage of a hermit crab significantly more of the world (figuratively), can get into nutrient-rich waters and also gets the remains of the cancerous meals. Apparently, the two little creatures weld so closely together, that hermit crabs, if they are too tall and have to move, usually even take their anemone with them ) and relocate to their new “house” (shell, snail or similar).

Since 1945 the Netherlands sends every year This connects the two states – obviously – until today.

The American metal band Hatebeak consists of three members: guitarist and bassist Mark Sloan, drummer Blake Harrison and lead vocalist Waldon – one African gray parrot . The band exists since 2003. ()

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