9 rules when visiting a newborn

In your circle of friends or family, is there a newborn that you can admire? Go there – but abide by the nine rules that should be followed when visiting a baby.

Congratulation! A new tiny earth citizen has seen the light of day – and you’re welcome to see him live and in color. How exciting! But especially in the first weeks after birth – especially when the baby-mom is still in the puerperal phase – it is important to observe some rules during the visit.

For the sake of the baby and the new mom it is important to follow a few standards. Then nothing can stand in the way of a visit by mom and baby!

1. The right time

When is it possible to visit the newborn for the first time? Of course there is no standard. It depends much more on the parents and the baby. Some mothers are pretty fit right after birth and open to visit, can not wait to present their baby to friends and relatives.

Other mothers have to slowly get used to the new mommy tasks and find a routine for themselves – in the midst of diaper changes, breastfeeding and sleeping.

As a rule of thumb: Do not urge the parents to visit, but wait until an invitation is made. If that takes you too long, you can certainly ask for some sweet pictures of the baby – many of them will have made numerous from the very beginning …

2. Visiting time

The puerperal phase lasts on average six to eight weeks after birth. During this time, most mothers are plagued by the flow of the week, hot flashes, emotional outbursts, lack of sleep and pain (such as a ruptured dam or tears in the vagina). Also possible: constipation and water retention, in the worst case the baby blues.

All this is no reason to panic and completely natural. Nevertheless, one can imagine that the affected mother does not feel very well in all the physical ailments. If you want to visit mom and baby during this time, you should not stay more than an hour. The only exception: The mum expressly wishes a longer stay.

3. Wash hands!

As banal as it sounds, it is so important: wash your hands thoroughly before the visit! A newborn does not yet have a fully trained immune system. Even a few bacteria and viruses can be dangerous for the baby.

It’s best to wash your hands before you leave your house and again when you arrive at Mom and Baby. Only then can you touch and embrace the newborn. Mother and baby will thank you!

4. The right gift

What do you bring to a newborn? Anyone who thinks about rattles, bodysuits and toys should put that thought aside again. Because there is one thing that new moms want more than anything else: eating!

If you have an exhausting birth behind you and can hardly move out of bed, a homemade soup, a healthy stew or a cake is the greatest thing you can imagine! So, swing the spoon and bring Mama a treat that strengthens it. If you could not resist the cute baby rattle in the shop, you can of course bring it with you – but only as a small souvenir on top …

5. Hold the baby – or not

One wants to hug a newborn instinctively! But just in the first weeks after the birth, the mother is like a lion mum, who will protect her little one with all (still existing) power. Her biggest enemy: perfumes, bacteria, viruses and too much action.

That is why: Especially in the first few weeks, the baby should be little passed around. Also too much chatter and hectic movements should be avoided before the newcomer. With cuddly attacks so rather wait until the immune system and the hormone balance of the child are a bit more stable …

6. Help mom

Anyone who is related or very friendly with Mum should offer her help. It is not so much a matter of starting a cleaning campaign, but more about little things that are incurred during the visit: to cook the coffee or tea itself, instead of let the mother cook, to give her the cup, instead of being served.

For moms in the puerperium is often every movement exhausting, every step trying painful. Ask if you can help her and you will become her favorite guest!

7. Health comes first

Even if you “only” suffer from a cold, cough or a light sore throat: These ailments are associated with viruses or bacteria and have lost nothing in the newborn visit. This extra burden on the immune system can use neither baby nor mom. Incidentally, the same applies to herpes, which can be very dangerous especially for the baby.

So supreme rule: Consider just a baby visit when you’re completely healthy! If you have a cold, first get yourself completely cured.

8. Do not give advice

How and when the newly mum has to breastfeed her baby or how it should be dressed and wrapped – unwelcome advice is undesirable, especially in the puerperal phase! The mom has to relax and not listen to well-intentioned tips or even criticism.

If you already have children yourself, it is advisable to refrain from commenting and expressing suggestions and recommendations only on the explicit request of the new mother.

9. Do not pay attention to chaos

The dirty laundry is piled up, the dishes are not washed up and the living room sinks into chaos? Over look the mess and understand that a puerperal mom does not have the strength to throw now even the household!

One should therefore leave the chaos to comment, if one is not exactly willing to clean up afterwards. The newly mum has much more important things to do right now: get to know, care for and love her little creature …

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