9 Women tell: If a man does that, I immediately lose interest

Actually women are by nature extremely understanding and tolerant – but some men just push it too far. At Reddit, women have told what they could not forgive their crush.

Recently, we shared eight stories of men with you, like a woman they had a crush on, killing any butterflies in their stomach with one blow. But since men can be at least as talented butterfly killers as women (as many of us probably know from experience …), this time it’s the female perspective. Because of course in the Reddit thread to the question “What has made a crush of you, which has suddenly lost all interest in you?” many women can tell a story …

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9 women share what has killed their butterflies

1. know-it-alls

"I was not really in love yet, we just got to know each other, we told each other about our jobs - and when I told him what I was doing, he corrected me, I finished it right away and said it would not work."

2. Bad listener

"He asked me questions, but interrupted me in the middle of my answer and talked about himself."

3. Immature af

"I dated this guy, he was 19, and I was 18. He seemed totally normal until I met him at an appointment at his house and his mother asked him to take out the garbage before we left, he made a scene himself a three-year-old would be embarrassed, including howling, shouting at his mother and stamping his foot, pretending that my parents were calling and wanted me to come home, then I blocked his number and never saw him again. "

4. Forgive

"He hinted that he cheated on his girlfriend with me, killing all the butterflies in one fell swoop."

5. Animal tormentors

"A few years ago, I met a former crush of mine and he told me he found dog fighting cool, the spark was already extinguished, but it killed any desire to come closer to him again and perhaps befriend me. "

6. Shy ...?

"For some reason he never spoke to me personally ..."

7. Criminal

"He told me how once he wanted to get a boring family going at a wedding and put party drugs in their drinks."

8th idiot

"We were eating and he was super rude to the service staff, I told him it would be nice to say something like 'please' and 'thank you', and he replied, 'Why should I, she's a waitress and I'll pay her for it, that she's serving me, Total Abturner, after that I did not even want to be friends with him anymore. "

9. Thief

"He tipped a tip from the counter when we were having a drink at a bar with friends, after which he wanted to invite me to dinner, no thanks!"

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