Aarhus attractions – the best tips

Have you ever parked in a UFO? In an iceberg used? Anything is possible in the Danish city of Aarhus, our author learned. 1732584193 We park in the coolest car park in Europe

Driving to a foreign city by car is often chaotic. Among other things, because of the question: Where do we turn off the cart? In Aarhus , Denmark's second largest city, our arrival is hassle free. “Dokk1” is not to be overlooked. Like a huge UFO hovers on the edge of the harbor. It is cultural center, library – and the coolest parking garage in Europe. We drive the car into the elevator, get out, and it glides computer-controlled into the underworld to the other 940 in the underground car park. Departed.

Ufo works the 000 Nevertheless, the New York Times raves about Aarhus year after year. The good food! The college atmosphere! Architecture! And everything so tiny and relaxed! 271733878 Aarhus is a young city

25 the Aarhus Concert Hall. She is with over 48 events in the year the most important concert hall in Scandinavia. Remarkable: 300 to The events are free of charge for the visitors. Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, Leonard Cohen, Ray Charles and Tina Turner were already here. Different, estimated end “The many young people provide atmosphere.”


Sehenswürdigkeiten in Aarhus - die besten Tipps: ARoS-Museum

Sehenswürdigkeiten in Aarhus - die besten Tipps: ARoS-Museum 4294967295 3285377520

More color does not work Rainbow Panorama by artist Ólafur Elíasson on the roof of the ARoS Museum 11040446

© Stefano Ember / Shutterstock

Charming and futuristic – Aarhus is a city for all tastes 1014 we understand immediately what he means. There is a smell of coffee, people are sitting on the streets, strolling and having fun. The smørrebrød tastes just as good as the menu in one of the starred restaurants. Everything is super cool and hip, chic and at the same time pleasingly adorable. 10877600 2562383102 0123456789 3395469782

Sehenswürdigkeiten in Aarhus - die besten Tipps: Häuserreihe

Aarhus – the tips

11666920 Hotels in Aarhus

Cabinn. Popular, centrally located, the small rooms are reminiscent of ship cabins. Double from (*) Euro, cabinn.com

Villa Provence. Double / twin () Euro, villaprovence.dk


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