According to psychologists: At this age, your self-confidence is greatest

Happy with your self-confidence? Perfect! Maybe you have not even reached your climax …

Develop self-esteem – a task that probably accompanies most people for a long time in their lives. Since you think the one day “Joa, I feel so comfortable with me and solidified” and the next you wake up as if by magic with a Bad Body image or by nasty criticism, a rejection or a failure from the Railway thrown. It’s a heavy task that we humans have gotten from wherever! But with the ability to think and to be creative comes the urge to doubt and challenge yourself …

The beautiful and comforting: With increasing age and increasing experience, most people automatically develop more and more self-confidence. Therefore, we have every reason to be pleased that we are getting older and more mature, because self-confidently, it lives much happier !

This is how the self-confidence curve goes

How exactly the self-confidence develops in the course of our life, researchers of the University of Bern examined. To this end, they have evaluated data from around 165,000 people , from a total of 191 different scientific articles, which dealt with the topic of self-confidence, ie the confidence in their own decisions and skills . In the long-term studies in which the data were collected, people between the ages of four and 94 years were considered.

Based on their analysis, the Swiss scientists were able to sketch a progression curve for human self-confidence, which typically looks like this:

  • From childhood to puberty, the self-confidence (logically of 0) initially increases almost constantly.
  • During puberty (around eleven to 17 years old) the curve stagnates – no increase, but no drop.
  • After that (so from 17/18) the self-confidence rises strongly again, similar steep as in the childhood.
  • At about 30, the increase in self-esteem slows, the curve continues to rise, but less steep.
  • From the age of about 50, the curve becomes even flatter – the self-confidence is now rising slightly or not at all.
  • At the age of 70, we can once again prepare ourselves for a break in our self-confidence curve: from then on, the average person’s self-confidence decreases slightly for the first time.
  • From the age of 90, on average, it’s going downhill with confidence.

Our self-confidence is usually greatest when we’re between 50 and 70! We are the most stable in this phase of life, we know best who we are, what we can do and what we need.

But does that mean we just have to wait (or can) wait until we’re 50, and the identity issue is resolved? Of course not! Of course, we can (and should!) Do everything in our youth to develop a healthy and stable self-esteem. After all, we are not only dependent on experience, but can also do a lot for our attitude and attitude. What exactly? For example questioning our self-doubts , exposing negative patterns of thinking and habits, regularly visualizing our strengths – and making peace with our weaknesses! (For more tips we have compiled in our self-love article for you.)

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