According to the study, this tells you whether a man is a stranger or not

Do we look at people for their unfaithfulness? Apparently already men, as an Australian study suggests …

There are these typical signs of infidelity . Does he always pack his phone away when you come into the room? Is he always working overtime? Does he meet his friends and does not talk about them afterwards? Or do you feel like you are somehow excluded from one part of your life? Usually we recognize these things quite well when our partner cheats on us – at least subliminally. Whether we admit it, is again on a completely different leaf …

But is it possible to know in advance of a relationship, whether a person is unfaithful and tends to cheat on his partner ? In men apparently , as scientists from the University of Western Australia now found out.

Respondents recognized infidelity in men on the face

For their infidelity study, published in the journal Royal Society Open Science , the Australian researchers surveyed just over 1,500 people aged between 18 and 75, including 189 photos of men and women. For each photograph, respondents should say whether they considered the person depicted faithful or unfaithful.

Most of the test persons identified men with very distinctive male facial features such as strong jaws, narrow lips and a prominent eyebrow as a foreigner – and were thus exactly right. In a self-questioning, these men had admitted that they were not quite so fond of loyalty and even liked to take their partner out to others.

In women’s faces, the subjects were much harder to recognize whether the person is trustworthy or to be treated with caution . Neither particularly feminine traits nor more androgynous faces triggered mistrust in a significant majority of respondents – and the self-reports of the depicted women also showed no correlation between infidelity and face.

Why is the gut feeling so reliable?

The researchers explained the respondents’ (largely reliable) gut feeling that they perceived men with masculine faces as having a strange-affective attitude, so that a male aura is generally more attractive to women . Subconsciously, according to the scientists, it would be clear to us that such men would have a greater choice, that they would be tempted more often – and that the woman at their side could change faster and more easily.

But does that mean we should not avoid masculine types to avoid being cheated? Not in the least, and that’s what the study leaders pointed out! Although subjects recognized many male strangers on their facial features. But the percentage of infidelities among men with masculine faces was not so much above that of those with softer forms that one could derive a real rule from that , the researchers say . Also, who says men with very masculine traits really have a wider choice and find it easier to pull others out of their girlfriends? After all, they seem to be less trustworthy to many – so maybe women are more cautious about them …?

Anyway, no matter if someone has hard or soft facial features, broad or narrow shoulders, short or long hair – before we exclude or condemn it from the outset because of a gut feeling, we should give everyone the same chance.

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